Humidity, Blackouts and 0 Wind…


Baptism Joy

With humidity, blackouts for hours and 0 wind, it feels a lot hotter . . . I’m all good as to Meeko…such is the circle of life. It bites a bit at times, but she hasn’t been my bird for the last four years anyways if we think about it. I’m thinking it’s about time for dad to go for his falconers license or get a bigger bird. Enough of those little sqwakers. Get something bigger and prettier 🙂 (Steven’s bird, Meeko, died Sunday, December 16th…He’s had him since he was 11. We thought he’d be a bit more upset, but he has learned so much!)

Thanks for your help with BYU. I’m sure all will work out just fine. Sister Heyman and President Heyman have three months (two now) to recover and come back to the mission. If she doesn’t get better in that time, they’ll be released and a new president will be called. For the time being, we have an area seventy as President. He already served as president in Peru, Lima west, so he’s got experience, but it’s not the same. I wont be able to talk with Pres. Heyman again as a missionary. My last interview will be with Pres. DiGiovanni. I trust the Lord’s wisdom and His confidence in us here to let us carry on this way.

We had transfers this week but I’m here to stay in Corrientes til the end. I have a new companion for these last three weeks (now two) from Wacho, Peru. He’s a very shy little Elder with two months in the mission. We finished his training yesterday and now it’s time to help him get the know the area well enough to take guide my replacement in two weeks.

I really haven’t felt the Christmas season in the least bit. Argentines aren’t all that festive it seems. Everyone paints their houses and prepares everything for company, but decorations and Christmas music, special foods and other traditions are nonexistent where I am.

We had another baptism last week and will have two more this Saturday. As we say here in the mission to those that finish strong, I’m going to die like a man. It’s difficult to stay focused at times knowing that a huge change is around the corner, but when I get out in the street and get to work, I’m in the work and love it. The hardest part is knowing that I won’t be able to see the baptisms of any of the new people that I find now. It’s so hard to finish the mission…

I’ve been trying to set goals for habits I want to carry on throughout my life after the mission. I constantly remember what Elder Jensen of the Presidency of the seventy told us when he came with Elder Christofferson last year, “I govern my life based of the covenants I have made with the Lord.” I’m choosing to do the same. Choosing to dedicate all my time to His service.

It was hard to say goodbyes with Elder Polo last week and I really hope we can see each other again in the future. I know a few other friends returned home last week too, so it’s a season of changes, but I just pray that with trust in the Lord and His will, all will go well.

I’m going to send you a few of the photos from the weekend, but talk to me so we can organize my call home. With Christmas Eve next Monday, we’re going to be working so I won’t be able to write to coordinate details. Let me know.

Anyways, I love you and know that the key to a happy life is positive thinking. Everything that happens to us in this life is eventually for our good. It helps me not to worry.

Elder Steven Reid Walker

Misión Argentina Resistencia

Entre Rios 435

3500 Resistencia, Chaco





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1 Response to Humidity, Blackouts and 0 Wind…

  1. Jill Coddington says:

    Wow, so hard to believe that your mission is only days away from ending. What a life changing experience this has been for you. I too am a firm believer that each thing that happens in our life happens as it should and has a reason. Each adventure you have had has had a lesson behind it that you will carry with you forever. I hope to be able to see you one day in the future to hear firsthand from you about life in Argentina. Of course, I am still awaiting your book in future years. Travel safely home to those who love you so.,

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