the Mission

As Steven answers the questions below, here is what I asked him 🙂

1. What is the bed like that you sleep upon? Do you still have the same sheets and pillow from the start?
2. Do you drink adequate water each day?
3. What do you feel like eating each day?
4. Who has been your dearest investigator?
5. What companion is your favorite?
6. Which area has been your favorite?

Beloved family and friends,

I hope this letter finds you well. The world is a dark place nowadays and we need to be stronger now spiritually than ever.

To answer your questions, Mom, my bed is a foam mattress and yes, I keep using the same sheets I started the mission with. I’ve come across a few other sheets in other mission apartments from past missionaries and with a little washing, they’ve become part of the Elder Walker sheet collection. The pillow I’m using is, like the mattress, a piece of foam that I found in Puerto Rico. It serves its purpose well. The Lakers pillowcase has suffered a few casualties in washing and I need to sew it a little bit, but it’s going strong. As for water, yes I drink quite a bit. With the temperature and humidity raising considerably, we drink water in about every house we enter, even though the water quality isn’t always the greatest. It’s something we’re just used to. Concerning food, we eat what the members provide us. The average meal here is called  “guiso” and consists of rice or noodles with a few diced veggies, tomato sauce, potatoes every now and then, and a few pieces of fried meat. Humble food, but filling. I really have tried so hard to just completely immerse myself in the mission that the change was never difficult. I’m used to the lifestyle of the humble and I honestly expect the change to be more difficult upon returning home. I am, however, ignoring a craving for Mexican food that’s been gnawing my stomach liner for about 22 months.

Our investigators right now are honestly some of the greatest people I have met in my mission. They all have big obstacles impeding their baptismal goals, but their faith and dedication to keep persevering even though the circumstances aren’t very easy is admirable. Angel and his wife are listening to us again after a month without contact and are awaiting permission from the First Presidency for the baptism of Angel. Lucas is working hard to win the support of his father so that he gives him permission to be baptized at the end of the month. We have another couple who got in the motorcycle accident last Sunday who gained their testimonies in the hospital that night as they prayed that everything would be all right and that the diagnosis would come back clear . . . and it did. They know that God heard their prayer and they are planning their marriage to be able to be baptized the first of December. Also, we found another family of six that is way excited to learn about the gospel even with heavy opposition from Catholic family members. It’s an exciting moment in the mission. I honestly feel like the mission is never going to end.

My favorite companion is difficult to choose, but between Elder Pereira from Santequin, Utah; Elder Everett from Bountiful, Utah; and Elder Garcia from Cadiz, Spain, they’ve all taught me considerably and should be friends of mine for quite some time. My favorite area….La Gran Misión Argentina Resistencia. I can’t name one over the others. They all have their specialties. We can review that question in a few more months.

Elder Viñas of the Presidency of the area South America South visited the mission last week and we had a zone conference with him Thursday. What a wise man. He knows the scriptures by memory and knows how to apply them to his life better than anyone I’ve ever met. He’s motivated me considerably to do the same. I’m starting by analyzing in detail the great general conference talk by  President King Benjamin. What a great message centered on families, the  atonement, the temple and salvation. I love the scriptures . . . I should have taken advantage of their pages years back.

I don’t know what words of wisdom I can give you for the Christmas card, I only know that my soul’s only desire is to live my life in such a way that every day I can be a better disciple of Jesus Christ. He knows who I am and who I can be,  and what better person to try to emulate and trust in than the perfect Son of Man and Redeemer of mankind?

I’m nervous for the adjustment to coming home, but honestly, it’s the last thing on my mind. I’m a called, set apart and ordained representative of the resurrected Lord Jesus Christ. I wear His name on my chest and must represent Him well. I think that’s what most motivates me.

Hopefully, the pictures I sent you serve for the card; let me know if you want others.

Love you all,

*Elder Steven Reid Walker*
Misión Argentina Resistencia
Entre Rios 435
3500 Resistencia, Chaco


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2 Responses to the Mission

  1. Susan Patterson says:

    Elder Walker, your letters always inspire me to be a better person. You are wise beyond your years!

  2. Jill Coddington says:

    It is always so great to see pictures of you looking so well. The joy and happiness on your face inspire me all the time. No matter what you circumstances or conditions you find gratitude and joy in the. You never complain and never see the glass half empty. Your glass is always overflowing. You make us all stop and think of how much we have and how little we really need !! Thank you for your constant lessons to us even from so far away. Thinking of you always, Steven. XOXO Much love Mrs . C

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