In Summary

Buen día, mis queridos,

Another normal week has passed. The routine of the mission carries on, and if one wishes to maintain himself excited for each new day, he needs to find new people to teach, prepare himself to be able to teach to their needs, and love not only what he does, but whom he serves. As the Savior so boldly questioned us last week through His apostles, do we love Him? I promise that I do and testify of His reality, but even so, I have much to do to be able to more fully demonstrate my loyalty to Him.

Those loyal to the Savior will not wait on the fence while they decide if they are going to follow His commandments and His Gospel. They will act. They will follow His invitation to find out for themselves if this Gospel is true or not. I pray that the world can find more faith and fight against the evil one with more courage in the coming weeks, months and years.

Something that’s left me thinking lately have been the rejections we’ve been receiving. In Spanish, the word ¨Señor¨ means Mister, but it also means Lord. Time after time this week we’ve clapped a house only to see the owner pop out his or her head and say, ¨No, Señor.¨ Every time I hear it, I imagine the people saying the same thing to the Savior himself. I can’t imagine myself doing the same and it leaves me honestly somewhat heartbroken, because they don’t recognize just exactly who they are rejecting. Are we, at times, rejecting the Savior by hesitating or doubting before fulfilling His will?


I love this work. I love the perfect man that I serve. Do you?

Have a great week and count your blessings.


Elder Steven Reid Walker

Misión Argentina Resistencia

Entre Rios 435

3500 Resistencia, Chaco




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One Response to In Summary

  1. Jill Coddington says:

    What wonderful pictures. You sure do look great. I know how much seeing pictures warms the hearts of all who love you. I do love the one with the bird the best. You know me, I love animals. Keep the faith , as always and continue to serve those who you know are true. You may hear NO many times but the one time you hear a YES will make all the NO’s worthwhile. I have great faith in you and each and every young man and woman serving on their mission, Steven. Thinking of you and sending lots of positive vibes your way for a super successful week ahead.
    XO Mrs. C

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