Pumped Up

Sooo good news and bad news. Bad news is Angel and Virgilia are avoiding us and we haven’t seen them in a week. A member family is planning on visiting them today or tomorrow, but they’ve told us they’d visit them for some time now and the weather hasn’t been very permissive. The good news is conference was wonderful, exciting, and a culminating success to encourage me to push myself a little harder, to focus more on my own personal conversion, my own discipleship, my love for the Savior and my dedication to make use of the Atonement to cleanse myself daily. On top of that, yesterday we found a family of seven and it was the father who let us in and received the message with enthusiasm. Let me fill you in on everything.

Number one. Luke and I are already in contact and I’ve told him he needs to be on his mission before the end of next summer. I know that the excitement is strong and emotions are high, but as we heard so well in this conference, nothing is better than seeking the Lord’s will through prayer and having the faith and determinations to follow it. If the Lord tells him that he’s needed now, he’s to get to it. I personally will be praying that he goes speaking Spanish. I can’t change the Lord’s will concerning that, but I can lend him my opinion 🙂

I loved the themes of this conference. It’s honestly a crucial moment in my life and I feel the end of the mission around the corner, but I still feel somewhat ignorant and happily concentrated on the here and now and as Presidents Uctdorf and Monson said, I’m trying to enjoy the little moments – take in the daily blessings – and not waiting for or hoping for the end to be able to enjoy fully what I’m living now. I am living the life of a man of God. I fear not any man. My testimony is mine and my conversion is sure. I feel true, God-inspired confidence and happiness as I testify of Christ before men and I recognize that I am not ashamed of the Gospel of Christ, rather I feel as Peter that woe is me if I preach it not. My prayers are focused on helping me find more pleasure in spiritual things and less intrigue concerning things of the world. Up to this point its working out pretty well. How awesome is it, right? The creator of all things loves us so much that he’s willing to give his time to listen to us. I love my Father in Heaven.

Gustavo and Ester Ayala are the parents of a nice big family we found yesterday. They live right across the street from a girl that was baptized earlier this year but played around on the internet, found anti-mormon material, and let her testimony slip away. She wasn’t truly converted to the Gospel it appears. Anyways, one of the mission truths is that the Lord prepares people so that they are easy to access. Someone is always prepared to receive the gospel near a member, no matter how active they are in the church. Such was the case with the Ayala family yesterday. We went looking for someone else and we found them. Priesthood is desperately needed if there is to be a stake in Corrientes, so I’ve been focusing my prayers on that subject, knowing that the Lord would guide us to receptive men. It turns out that three years ago, Gustavo and his family were listening to the sister missionaries in another branch, but when they moved here, they lost contact with them. Gustavo told us that he’s been without work for some time and feel the deep need to find the truth – to find it so that his family can be happier and be more united. Sound like something the restored gospel can fix? See correct answer below.


I know the Lord is preparing millions around the world. It isn’t just for excited teens that the prophet has changed the age limit, it’s because there are more people ready and in need of the restored gospel and we don’t have enough missionaries. Prepare yourselves, this is a time of missions.

Mom, I haven’t touched a bike in two years, I travel in car only when I have enough money for a taxi, the only bus I ride is the bus that takes me about four blocks from the chapel, my area has three paved streets – the rest are of dirt, mud or sand, Iguanas, sickly dogs, and maltreated horses are all over the place, the devil runs wild here but we soon will tame him. We’re on he Lord’s side.

Also, ¡¡¡¡¡¡¡FELICITACIONES A DOUG Y MARISSA!!!!!!! What a surprise. I claim the rights to be the twin’s favorite cousin. (My brother and sister-in-law are expecting twins!)

I’m decided on International Relations. The math will try me, but I’m a child of God and with diligent effort and His help, He’ll help me learn what is needed.

Have an awesome week and be sure to do the Lord’s will.

Elder Steven Reid Walker

Our Conference this past weekend. Take a look or listen if you’re interested!:

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One Response to Pumped Up

  1. Jill Coddington says:

    As always you meet your challenges with faith and a positive attitude. You truly must be an inspiration to those around you. Life is full for you and you continue to make memories and learn lessons you will carry with you throughout your life. What a blessing. Stay strong, stay committed. I have no doubt that you will. I keep you in my thoughts and prayers each day, Steven. XO Mrs. C

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