What a trip. It’s true then, isn’t it? Luke is in BYU-I for real, I’m in another continent and the year is already ending. The temperatures are rising as we are set to enter Spring with a lovely average of 28-30ºC leaving us nice and sweaty as we preach the gospel of our Lord below the Argentine sun. It’s a beautiful thing, this work. It hurts me to see people reject the gospel for fear of not being able to live it fully. The fear of failure is the greatest fear of all. It haunted me for many a moon, but as I’ve learned to trust more in the Lord and recognize my potential as a child of God, I’ve been able to overcome my fears a bit and strive to do my best, trusting that He can help me with the rest. Oh that all people could come to that realization. Feelings of insecurity, loneliness, and low self-esteem would be eliminated from our lives. Nevertheless, agency has been established since before the creation of this world, and men are free to choose their own happiness. Like you, Mom, I am grateful for having been born in the covenant and for being able to receive my own testimony. What a gift it is.

It has been a fairly normal week. Angel and Virgilia are going to let us know tonight if they are good to go with an appointment to get married tomorrow. They came to church Sunday walking and loved it. They’re moving along just dandily. I self-operated an ingrown toenail with a razor blade and it’s healing just fine as well 🙂 There are pictures, but those can wait for a later date.

I remembered McKay’s birthday but forgot that I hadn’t sent him a shout out. So here it is: “CUMPLEAÑOS FELIZ, CUMPLEAÑOS FELIZ, QUE LOS CUMPLA MCKAY STEED WALKER, CUMPLEAÑOS FELIZ.” Kid, you’re a little giant and I love you. Take care of yourself, take care of your testimony, and love our family. You’re the man of the house now. Time to be the example.

I don’t know what to major in. The truth is I’ve been thinking quite a bit about studying law or business management. What I don’t know is what I would have to study to be a lawyer or what undergraduate program is best to follow. Help me out please.

I can’t believe there’s so little time left. I’m going to live it up to the max.

You’re all in my prayers, take care my friends.

Elder Steven Reid Walker


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2 Responses to Family

  1. Jill Coddington says:

    Wow, I cannot believe you are already talking about your last few months of your mission. What an amazing time you have had. So many adventures, so many highs and a few lows. These months in Argentina you will carry with you for the rest of your life. What an impact you have had on the people there and what an impact they have had on you. I am still anxiously awaiting the book you will write. Why don’t you major in journalism. You are such an incredible writer. SO much to share with so many. Thinking of you always, Steven. XO

  2. Janelle Seedall says:

    Dear Elder Walker, Just wanted to take a minute for a long overdue hello. Luke really is at BYU-I. He and Simon have come down a couple of times for Sunday dinner. I’m happy to feed them, they just have to play video games with Jaron. Fair deal, right?

    We are deep into the school year now. Jaron just did a classification poster. Nicole has surprisingly little homework and Rachael is loving kindergarten. It was hard to get her there, but once I left she was off and running.

    Makelle is my little angel. I will include a picture of her. She is just growing so fast! Already rolls both ways and is trying hard to crawl.

    I mentioned to Shawn you were thinking about going to law school. His advice was “don’t”. Ha, ha. Just his opinion. His brother has been a lawyer for 20 years or so and has only had steady employment for the last 2 or so as an in-house attorney for the company his brother-in-law runs. The year Shawn tried law school he found there was just so much reading, digesting and then writing. You think it’s all about the power of your ability to speak, defend, argue, etc., but there is a ton of writing. So if you decide to pursue that, definitely start in a field that prepares you in that way. Just my two cents.

    Glad you are still on fire and working so hard. It was great to see your mom and dad when they brought Luke up. We are going to try to get down there for Thanksgiving. Hope it works out. You have a fabulous week. Can’t wait for the update on your latest.

    With love,

    Janelle & family

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