Yo Soy Elder Walker

I’m sorry for the delay in these two letters, we’ve been busy taking our second son, Luke, up to BYU Idaho! I’m home now for the rest of the year…Ahhhhhh. 

Steven sent us this blurb before this letter last week: “Prepare yourselves for a little treat. I’ll send it in a little bit. Have a safe trip.” He then sent us a voice recording with him speaking to us for a good 8 minutes! We listened as we drove through Utah to Idaho. It was a treat indeed! He sounds so amazing and so full of the spirit. He also doesn’t sound like an American anymore! We are one happy and blessed family….thank YOU for following Steven’s Adventures in Argentina! ~Marsi 🙂


Haha it’s been so long since I’ve heard that word. A new elder who’s in his second transfer said it yesterday in church when a member called him and I burst out laughing. Oh, English, what a challenge you are to me. One of the elders in my branch is from Utah and hearing his accent nice and gringo throws off my native tongue at times. I don’t look forward to having to learn my language all over again.

It’s been a relatively good week. We met a lot of new people, a few families, but it’s been difficult finding them all together. Someone’s always in school, or at work, or shopping or whatever the excuse might be. We’re trying to help a few people accept commitment and get married (for whatever reason having between five and eight children together isn’t enough reason for some people to get hitched) so that they can progress and make other covenants. There’s quite a few people who have known the church for a long time and have testimonies of its truth as well, but don’t want to get married for whatever reason and it is what impedes their spiritual progress. Anyways, we’ve set a few dates, shared a few scriptures, and we’ll see if we can’t marry a few couples before month’s end.

Thursday we had a powerful zone conference. We reviewed the basics that bring us so much success and reviewed their importance, talked about the ultimate conversion of every missionary, and President even shared with us a little about elders who have left the mission recently and have put their acquired knowledge to practice. They’re getting married. There’s always a notice about an elder we all know and his engagement. I look forward to it as well, but not too soon haha. All in good time.

As the wild nature fanatic that you know I am, when I came across a few piranha recently caught and abandoned, I retrieved a few and now am in the process of cleaning their jaws to bring back some nice sharp little souvenirs.

I’m still in the dreamlike state of not really comprehending all of the events that are going on back home. Luke’s an elder and starting BYU, McKay’s in high school, Marissa’s 12 and all grown up, and when I get back I hit the ground running. I like where I am right now being nice and focused on the salvation of souls. I love what I do. Why can’t it last forever?

I talked to President Heyman and we’re going to see if the area presidency allows me to return in time to start BYU in January. More info to come on that subject in future weeks.

All is well, I am well. Tired and a little bit feverish, but all well. I love you all and thank you for everything.


Elder Steven Reid Walker

Misión Argentina Resistencia

Entre Rios 435

3500 Resistencia, Chaco



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One Response to Yo Soy Elder Walker

  1. Jill Coddington says:

    Always love reading of your continued adventures . I know that the people you are talking to are thinking seriously about all that you have to say to them. They may not agree with all you beleive in but you are planting the seed of thought which is a good beginning. Now , as for the pirranha teeth ! That is an interesting souvenier for sure. I bet you will have plenty of those. Stay strong in your faith and your commitment. As always, I know you will. Stay well and stay safe.
    XO Mrs.C

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