All is Well

Family and friends of mine,

I can’t believe it’s already been three weeks since I arrived in Corrientes. Three Sundays, three P-days, three Saturdays without baptisms, and three weeks to leave on thinking. When I got, here, it was apparent that there would be work to do, but as I’ve been thinking and meditating a lot, lately, I keep being brought back to what Elder Christofferson told us in November. There is an overwhelming lack of faith in Jesus Christ in Corrientes, and the few that profess to know him well have only heard the negative rumors about the church. I feel like I’ve come to another mission, almost, as we hear about polygamy, baptisms for the dead, temple clothing, and all the other common Mormon myths all too frequently.

Honestly, it’s been the focus of my prayers lately, my desire to help all come unto Christ through faith in Him and His atonement. It’s a new challenge that requires a different approach. It requires that I teach in a different manner, testify more about the Lord himself and his teachings, and it’s really interesting. It’s not quite that the people don’t know who he is, but they don’t have any idea of what he expects of them or what he has to give them. It leaves me thinking.

I finally was able to see the video clips you sent me from Mohave. I love it, especially the first person view. It gave me a little of that vertigo that I so love haha.

My companion is a fireball. He laughs about everything, can talk about anything and you have to stop him and redirect him every now and then so we don’t get distracted, and is a great kid with sincere intentions to have success. His enthusiasm for the work makes me forget sometimes that he has so little time in the mission still. It also makes me feel that I as well am a bit younger here… haha.

I love what I’m doing. My Elder’s quorum president yesterday in our class shared with us all that his mission president had told him that the missionary life is real life. Many elders leave the mission field and think they are going back to reality, but he clarified that this is reality. The rest of the world has just lost focus.

Let us keep on working diligently in the Lord’s vineyard. “It’s getting late,” says Elder Holland. I choose to follow his counsel.


*Elder Steven Reid Walker*

Misión Argentina Resistencia

Entre Rios 435

3500 Resistencia, Chaco



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2 Responses to All is Well

  1. Jill Coddington says:

    I am sure you are an inspiration and a great guide to all you meet and to all you work with. Your mission has been an ultimate experience that you will carry with you for many, many years to come. Keep steadfast in your mission and know that the lives you are touching feel your presence each day. You may not convince them of your beliefs and those of your church but you are making an impact on them nonetheles. At the least you get them thinking and wondering. Keep up your diligence and commitment, Steven. SO proud to know you XO Mrs. C

  2. Jill Coddington says:

    PS I am going to be patient but I am awaiting your book of “Adventures in Argentina ” ! XO

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