A River Runs Through it


We’ve enjoyed a couple weeks of sunshine and family memory-making moments, so I apologize for the delay in these two letters…but they are well worth it, as always! Smiles, Marsi, one grateful Momma 🙂


Six months have come and gone and it appears the Lord has found it time to make a few adjustments. Puerto Rico is a good six hours away from me now as I have been transferred to the Capital of Corrientes to the Maipú branch. It’s an atmosphere completely different to anything else I’ve experienced up to this moment in the mission. Big city, big branch, lots of trash and humble people, but also super Catholic, full of idolatry and indifference. I look forward to the next few months as I work in the city where Elder D. Todd Christofferson once served.

The branch has an average attendance of about 80-90 members so it should be fun getting to meet so many people, working with them, helping the leadership to set goals and working to be able to become a ward. My companion is an energetic Porteño (from the capital of Buenos Aires), always laughing about something and full of energy. He’s 21, his name’s Elder Cortez, and so far I know that he’s the youngest of 4 children, he worked for a telephone company before leaving on the mission, he left a girlfriend at home who’s headed out on a mission to Brasil soon, and wants to work and learn and above all, baptize. The other elders in our branch live with us and I’ve known them for some time. Elder Polo is from Bogotá, Colombia, and Elder Sullivan from Salt Lake.

I’m going to miss Elder Garcia. After six months together, he’s my best friend in the mission and I hope to be able to see him again while still here. Whatever the case, I now have a valid excuse to go to Europe haha.









From the Momma: Well I have a few questions for you this week since it’s been awhile that I’ve interrogated, so here goes:) 

1. What did you teach in church today? Did you lead the music?

2. Did you get a new companion?

3. Transfers? Details, details, details…

4. How’s your clothes hanging In there as you’ve had to hand wash throughout your mission?

5. Somebody’s having a birthday in a couple months… Money for souvenirs?? Any more thoughts about BYU?

To answer the questions:

I didn’t teach anything in church this Sunday. It was strange and I really missed it. Instead, I was called upon to share my testimony. That was something I enjoyed. I love being able to testify of Christ with such ease in front of strangers. It’s one of the greatest blessings of the mission.

New companion, yes. New area, yes. My clothes are holding out and I am too. The souvenir that I want to look for is a leather scripture case for my scriptures. I want to keep on looking to be able to find what I really want. I’ve still got to ask around. As for news about BYU, I have to wait a little bit longer to talk to president about it. He told me to talk to him when I had about three months left. I’ll keep you posted..

Luke, set goals and meet them. You’re going to be in an environment full of the Spirit. Learn to listen to him and follow his whispers – it’s what will bring you success. It’s tough at first, but you make friends easily and the friends you make there will be your greatest support. But, as I said, follow the spirit. Not all Latter-day Saints are holy. Choose a winning team. Read your scriptures, work hard to magnify your calling, and keep your head up. You’re gonna go far, kid.

Live it up at Mohave, hopefully I remember how to swim for the next round.

Elder Steven Reid Walker


Misión Argentina Resistencia

Entre Rios 435

3500 Resistencia, Chaco


Ummmm, no words for this one….




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One Response to A River Runs Through it

  1. Jill Coddington says:

    Loved all of the pictures as I am sure your family did, too. I especially loved your camouflage picture. I hardly recognized you behind the ” tiny” leaf ! I am glad to see you are keeping you sene of humor and love of life and for all you are doing. What amazing adventures you are having. Your blog is a journal for you to relive them all and to capture your mission in the book I am anxiously awaiting ! Stay strong to your faith and your mission. I have no doubt that you will XO

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