¡Volvió la luz!

I’m sorry this post is delayed…we’ve been beach camping, so you’ll get two letters today!  ~Marsi 🙂

After two days of uncertainty with the electricity shut on and off intermittently and without warning, I’m trying to take advantage of the moment that it’s back on.

So you’re at the beach. How pleasant. I’m still in Puerto Rico, it’s been raining furiously since Saturday night without stopping, and the little sun that was starting to break out on us has been quite very well hidden. I recognize I probably sound pretty challenged in the English department, my grammar has really taken a dive lately. I hope this all makes sense.

Happenings of the week: Lots of drunks, not a single progressing investigator in church, but 4 random people who arrived even with the pouring rain, divisions in Eldorado with an Elder from San Juan, Argentina, and yeah, fairly calm other than that.

We crossed the sister of a convert the other day with one of her friends. Both of them were carrying bottles of beer and were honestly wasted, but they took the time to stop and shake our hands and cry when we began to talk to them about Jesus Christ. Not the type of cry of affection or deep feelings of gratitude or love that we generally associate with the Lord, but genuinely cry for sadness in the moment we showed them a pass-along card. Honestly it was almost humorous, considering the poor state in which they were in, and they told us that they were “drinking and smoking…things that they shoudn’t be doing”. I suppose that that’s what I like about a drunk person, it’s how open they are to share all their true feelings and how quick they are to recognize that we’re representatives of Christ.

It just so happened that the only adult investigator that attended church Sunday was a man who stopped us in the street on a day that wasn’t one of his best. He fought in the war of the Malvinas (now called the Falkland Islands and under British control, but Argentina won’t accept it), lives his every day drinking, and goes by the name “George of the Jungle”. A very nice man, he promised us on bended knee with kisses on the hand and all that he would come to church, and, well, he did. And he was completely sober and told us that he has all the desires in the world to conquer his alcoholism. We have an appointment with him tomorrow in the afternoon so we’ll see what happens. FUTURE PREISTHOOD HOLDER IN PUERTO RICO. I like it.

I believe in the atonement. I believe it has the power to clean us, empower us, strengthen and console us. I get down on myself a lot for my imperfections, but recognize that rare is the case that we find anyone perfect, so who am I to expect perfection of myself? I love the promise and invitation that Moroni gives us at the end of his book in chapter 10 where he invites us all to come unto Christ and become perfect in Him. I guess he’s our only hope, isn’t he? I like to be counted among those on His side.

The world is a dirty place. Sin in prominent everywhere we go and I’m sick of it haha. It’s something that surprised me a lot when I started the mission and began to recognize how rampant filth spreads in the form of ignorance, how few are those who understand what the Lord considers sin, and how we can avoid it. It seems to be one of the most frequent questions we have been answering lately. Hint: the answer is in Helaman 5.

Enjoy your time at the beach (especially Luke, winter doesn’t treat anyone kindly in Rexburg), and I’ll keep enjoying my time here in Richport (Puerto Rico!) It might only be for a week and a half more, or two months. God will tell.

Love you all, check yourselves before you wreck yourselves,

Elder Steven Reid Walker

Misión Argentina Resistencia

Entre Rios 435

3500 Resistencia, Chaco



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One Response to ¡Volvió la luz!

  1. Jill Coddington says:

    It is quite interesting to hear of all of the people and situations that you are encountering on your mission. I guess that this all makes you appreciate the good ole USA even more, all of us should. Always remember that you are making an impression and a difference in the lives you are touching even though you may not know it. Just meeting you and knowing what you represent makes them think even though they may not be responsive now. Hold fast , Steven. So proud of you. XO Mrs. C

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