Converted to the Lord

This is my favorite picture EVER of Steven’s entire missionary experience. This epitomizes why he’s there and makes my heart swell with happiness and joy! Marsi 🙂

The weeks seem to pass by faster and faster, especially when there are baptisms. This week was highlighted with the baptisms of Lorenza and Hector. Seriously, I haven’t seen two people more prepared to make this covenant in my entire mission. Two weeks ago Lorenza was already planning on paying her tithing, Hector was teaching his friends the word of wisdom, they come to church walking farther than anyone else in the branch and are always early. Lorenza’s son who isn’t completely well in the head after some kids from the neighborhood slipped some drugs in his mate (mah-tey) and fried his brain was carried off to the town jail after waving a 12″ knife at passersby in one of the city parks, and what did Lorenza do? She took him a Book of Mormon while he passed the weekend in jail. What’s more, the rededication of the temple in Buenos Aires was announced two weeks ago along with a trip to the Asunción, Paraguay temple in the end of August and she wants to know how to prepare herself so that she can go. We’re in love with her excitement. To top it all off, they’re inviting their family members to church and teaching them about the Book of Mormon. I love it. The field truly is white, ready for the harvest.

Other than that excitement, not many people have been coming to church lately. Investigators that is. It’s been a struggle finding new investigators…it’s for that reason that we’re so happy for Lorenza. Sunday I gave the lesson in Gospel Doctrine. It was the class on becoming converted to the Lord. I really enjoyed it and was a little concerned for how the class was going to turn out seeing that with the baptism and all, we didn’t have all that much time to prepare our classes for Sunday, but with the help of much prayer, it turned out well and the members were benefitted by the message. In summary, if we’re converted to the Lord, and not to the church, we are converted to His true gospel. We recognize that the gospel is only found within His true church, and we overlook the weaknesses of the men that are within the church for we know that the Lord is perfect even though we’re not.

I’m sending a letter home for you tomorrow. It’s a bit more personal, a bit more sincere too, I think. I have many weaknesses, but I prefer to talk the good things that happen. Hard times will always come to an end. Lessons will always be learned and if we put our trust in the Lord and have the faith that our trials are moments of learning, we will always come out wiser and more faithful. It’s hard for me, but I know it works. I want to understand the atonement better, I want to understand the promptings of the spirit better, I want to work more diligently, study more faithfully, understand more and teach with more power. It’s so hard to find a balance among everything. I think the hardest part for me is staying focused. Seriously, I think I have ADD and I don’t like it.

Anyways, as I said, trials are for our learning. The future is a little more real to me lately, but I still try not to think about it. I talked with President Heyman Thursday about BYU and he told me it’s become really difficult in recent months to change the mission finishing dates, but that it’s not impossible. I have to talk to him about it in a few more months when the end is nearer. How dim that sounds, eh?

I’m dizzy, a lovely headache is passing the day with me and it’s about time to get to work, so I wish thee all well and hope to hear from you soon.


Elder Steven Reid Walker

Misión Argentina Resistencia

Entre Rios 435

3500 Resistencia, Chaco


Steven’s Flour Creation!

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One Response to Converted to the Lord

  1. Jill Coddington says:

    What wonderful pictures ! You look joyous and Hector exudes excitement and happiness. It is good to read of your success and happiness with the baptism . You are really making such an impact on these lives. I know your lesson was a great one and inspiring for all. What amazing experiences you are having to help to shape your life for the future. You are blessed for sure, Steven. Keep up your dedication and devotion to your faith and mission. Thinking of you always. XO

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