No Pasa Nada

Here we remain, Elder Walker and Elder Garcia, Father and son in the mission for at least six weeks more. It’s going to be the longest companionship I’ve had, and most likely the longest I will have in the whole mission at six months together by the time it comes to an end. We continue searching for miracles wherever we can find them, fighting fatigue, fixing lunch appointments when possible, praying constantly for inspiration, and of course, baptizing the chosen.

This weekend we’ll have two baptisms. I can’t remember if I’ve already mentioned them, but the two lucky people are a mother and her son who have all the excitement in the world to finally get baptized – even if the water is freezing. Lorenza told us yesterday just how excited she was. She feels like every visit we have is so long and uplifting while we’re there, but that as soon as we go, it feels like we’ve only scratched the surface of what she really wants to know. She has such a hunger for the gospel, she wants to LEARN everything, DO everything, and KEEP every commandment. She’s a godsend. Prepared and readied for the harvest. The field truly is white, ready for the harvest. It has been a blessing to find her, and we’re going to do everything possible so that she and her son get all the gospel nutrients they need to stay strong in the gospel.

Here’s another cool story. So my companion is the first Spainard to come to this mission in the history of the mission, right? Yes. Keep that in mind. When I first got to the mission, one of the elders who got there at the same time in my group was from El Salvador named Elder Gochez. A special guy, we’ve run into each other a few times here and there between bus terminals and such with transfers. A few months ago, he was called to be the new assistant to President Heyman. Meanwhile, I’m still in Puerto Rico training Elder Garcia. The training ends, but the companionship continues. When we went to Posadas a few weeks back, Elder Gochez was there and told us that his little brother just started his mission. And where was he called to serve? In the Spain Málaga mission – that’s the mission where my companion is from. It’s highly uncommon that an elder from El Salvador go to Spain. Not even a week later, we get a call from Elder Gochez telling us that his brother has started his mission in a city that just happens to pertain to the stake of Elder Garcia, on top of it all, he was going to do divisions with the zone leaders there whose area is Elder Garcia’s ward. Crazy right? This is where it gets good. Elder Garcia is the only member in his family. His parents aren’t members. Upon hearing that Elder Gochez’s brother was going to his mission, he passed the direction of his family to Elder Gochez so that he could pass it on to the Elders in that area. Not only did Elder Gochez’ brother go to that area last week to do divisions, but they went to Elder Garcia’s house, contacted his parents, and they received them happily making history in the Garcia family being the first Elders in four years to enter the house, the first time having been in secret while my companion was investigating the church. Now, his parents aren’t all set to get baptized just yet, but the Lord is definitely pulling all the strings possible to make it happen it looks like. All of it is so incredible, it just strengthens my testimony that the Lord really does know us, he really is in charge, and the blessings he promises us are real. I hope the story makes sense because it really is awesome. Three elders, a world of opportunities, and the Lord reaches His chosen. Gotta love it.

I know the Lord Jesus Christ lives. Every time I say it I feel my testimony grow stronger. I know he knows us, he loves us, and will do anything for us that we allow him to do. Every missionary fights to stay focused, but with little miracles, it wakes us up a bit and we say, oh yeah, this stuff is real.  Live your lives well. Enjoy them, but within reason. Wickedness never was happiness anyways.

Take care, loved ones,

Elder Steven Reid Walker

Misión Argentina Resistencia

Entre Rios 435

3500 Resistencia, Chaco





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One Response to No Pasa Nada

  1. Jill Coddington says:

    Sounds like you have had full and rewarding days , Steven. It is always good to see your face and to know how well you are doing. Your successes, baptisms and relationships are filling your Argentina days. I can only imagine the stories you will have to share when you get home. Life is full and filled with grace and love for you . I know how devoted you are to your mission and your faith and to the people you are ministering to. i am touched and inspired. Stay well. XOX Mrs. C

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