Flour and Funny Faces


It is essential that we search for the simple things that bring us happiness these days. Hard times come, disappointment strikes wherever we may be in the world, and it truly depends on our ability to be in tune with the Spirit to find the tender mercies of the Lord that make us smile and laugh – nature’s best medicine. That said, we’ve been struggling lately trying to find new investigators, struggling to keep in contact with the investigators that we already have, and the few that have been progressing well have been running into trials so surprisingly difficult, even our faith as missionaries has been shaken concerning their ability to make much more progress for the moment. At the same time, we have a mother and her son who are in love with the gospel. Their names are Lorenza and Hector, and they’ve genuinely been prepared by the hand of God to receive the gospel in this moment.

Hector is in the photo I sent you this morning. He’s ten, loves soccer, and today is on a field trip with his class to Iguazu falls. He loves everything about the gospel. At ten years old, he reads everything we mark for him, remembers everything we’ve taught, and is counting down the days to his baptism on the 7th. Lorenza is just as strong. While with some investigators we have to “pull teeth” to get them to read, she takes the Book of Mormon with her everywhere she goes; whether it be on the bus or sitting in her little store, she’s reading. Her oldest son was baptized a year ago, but he’s always had problems with narcotic substances and shortly after his baptism, fell hard to his old vices and has been left a prisoner to his addictions. We found Lorenza and Hector looking for Gabriel, this older son. She worries for him as one can imagine and knows the gospel will help her in this trial.

It’s truly gratifying to see how they’ve taken hold of the gospel with such enthusiasm. It strengthens my testimony to know that the gospel really can change lives, and that those who are prepared to receive it know what it is when they hear it (Lorenza told us she wanted to be baptized before we could finish our first visit).

So that’s our latest excitement. We’ll see who gets to stick around for the baptism tomorrow night when we get the call for transfers. Whether I’m still here or not, it’s the same to me – a happiness to know that two more children are set to enter the Lord’s fold.

Other games we’ve played have involved flour castles and candies in Family home evening activities (hence the other picture of the crazy kids), birthday celebrations with the branch, and we’re trying to plan branch activities so that we can keep up the spirits of the somewhat discouraged members. The faithful are doing fine, but those whose testimonies haven’t yet been so tried are in middle ground. We’re going to beat Satan!

I’m glad you’re all well. I’m sure the feelings are tender, for me it’s all surreal. Keep your heads up, there’s a lot more waiting for us in eternity. Of that I’m sure.

Give a shout out to the family in Idaho for me, I’ll have to visit them more when I get back. Especially with Luke up there. Also for Mrs. C., she’s always full of nice and encouraging things to say and is a great woman. Salutations to all the extended members of the Shoemaker family as well. I love my big family.

I’m good. Tired as always, but such is the life of a servant of the Lord haha. I don’t complain. Have a great week and remember why you’re here.

With all my love,

Elder Steven Reid Walker

Misión Argentina Resistencia

Entre Rios 435

3500 Resistencia, Chaco


…. Steven lost his grandma this month, Reid’s dear mother. Our family traveled to Idaho this past week for the funeral. It’s been a difficult month for our entire family, near and far. Steven has such an amazing attitude and faith that is sustaining him. We appreciate your prayers on his behalf. ~Smiles, Marsi

More photos:

Companions . . . and soccer buddies

for his mommy, I love Mercedes…


Steven came home to find this bird in his apartment…of course, he caught it.



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One Response to Flour and Funny Faces

  1. Jill Coddington says:

    The faces of these children make me smile. So , you see, you are making a difference and adding something very special to their lives just by being there. You have given them riches that cannot be counted in money or coins but in learning and loving and in faith. I loved all of your pictures and love to hear of your continued strength and perseverance no matter how difficult the times may get. You always carry on. I am so proud of you Steven and look forward to one day sitting with you and hearing by word of mouth your amazing ” adventures” in Argentina. I will be waiting for your book to come out to share with so many others!! Much love, Mrs. C XOXO

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