Mountains to Climb

Sadly, not every road in life is lined with daffodils and roses. And even if they were, every rose has it’s thorn. We all have different mountains to face in this life, and honestly, I don’t quite understand how we do it at times. The words we speak say that we trust in the Lord as we climb. But, it really does come down to faith in the end, doesn’t it? We can’t see the blessings immediately. We can’t see the growth we’re experiencing in the face of adversity. It’s only after all is said and done that we look behind us and see the roses that we overlooked as we struggled up the mountain face. I wish I could understand better why things happen the way they do. I know it’s for experience, but the doubting Thomas within me wants to be able to see the happy end result before accepting a challenge.

Life’s not that simple. We saw the happy ending clearly when we accepted our Father’s plan to come to this earth and be challenged. We weren’t going to be able to choose those challenges, but we trusted that the Lord would guide us and help us to overcome them. I want to be able to have the same faith now that I had when I clicked the “Yes, I agree to these terms and conditions” button in the pre-existence. I know everything will be all right, I know we’ll all be stronger and better, but I guess we really do rely on the Savior a lot, because some days we just wake up without any desires to go hiking.

I listened to the talk by President Eyring from this past conference titled “Mountains to Climb” this afternoon after reading your letters. It’s helped me organize my thoughts a bit. I’m calm, I’m focused, but want to be more so. I know that Christ will bless us. If good people didn’t have to pass through bad situations, we’d never be able to become great people. Positive thinking, faith, hope, and love for the Savior are part of a great missionary breakfast. It takes a while to prepare, but is worth the effort. You should try it. You’ve got to take it once daily or it doesn’t have all the effects desired.

Some days in the mission, especially as the time passes, a missionary recognizes that there isn’t much time left and he begins to worry. He begins to think about the things he’s been able to accomplish. He thinks about opportunities lost, blessings rejected, and time wasted. It can be hard to find all the blessings one has received if he lets himself mourn over the “could have beens” and forgets the joys experienced. I am blessed. My family is incredible. I, as Nephi, have been born of very goodly parents who have, in turn, been of goodly parents. All of these things will serve for our experience. I love you all and know all will be well. Be good, it’s what the Savior expects of us.

Elder Steven Reid Walker

Here’s the beautiful sermon: “Mountains to Climb”


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2 Responses to Mountains to Climb

  1. Jill Coddington says:

    One mountain at a time , Steven. You have climbed many mountains on your mission. You have met so many challenges head on and kept right on climbing. You know as well as I do, that there are always mountains to climb throughout our lives no matter how old we are. The mountains that seem so big when we are young look like tiny anthills as we get older. It is family and friends and faith which get us up and over those mountains. You know that so well. You are blessed with such wonderful parents and such supportive family and friends. They are the anchors that help us along and to the top of those mountains. You are an amazing young man and one who will have so much success as you continue to grow and face those mountains ahead of you in the future. I am so proud of you and so pleased to be a part of your journey called life. I have no doubt you will stay strong and commited each and every day. Thinking of you always, Mrs. C XO

  2. Susan Baker says:

    I love reading your blog!! I have used your words as spiritual thoughts in ward counsel and Relief Society Presidency Meetings. I used this particular one to help a friend of mine who is going thru some physical challenges right now…and I’m sure it helped her. You express yourself so well and seem to have so much wisdom for being so young.
    What a great example you are.
    Susan Baker 🙂

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