The Spirit of God Like a Fire is Burning

The Spirit is the most important element of this work. As President Heyman so clearly stated this past Wednesday in Zone Conference, the Spirit testifies of Christ, not of Elder Walker, not of anyone else. It is our responsibility to testify with power and conviction so that others might feel the truth of our unique message. Christ has indeed restored His holy church and the Priesthood authority that anciently presided therein. What a blessing it is to have a testimony of these truths. How grand a blessing it is to have been able to make sacred covenants of obedience by baptism and other temple ordinances. We truly live in a chosen era. Difficulties abound, that much is certain, but we have been prepared, God continues to prepare us with the words and councils of living prophets, and active obedience to the commandments is what keeps us strong.

I love my Savior. It has been a slow week teaching wise; not many investigators are progressing at the moment, but we feel the Spirit more present in our lessons and have been able to see more progress in the branch. Thursday, we met with my Branch President and my District President to present goals for Puerto Rico. Beginning with a fast between the four of us this past Saturday and Sunday, we will soon be establishing a plan for the branch in the Branch councils we’re starting to have. The organization of the church is honestly perfect. There is not a single flaw in the establishment. If things in the church aren’t going well, it’s because someone isn’t fulfilling their responsibilities. Rather than get frustrated with these things, the better reaction has been to train and follow up on assignments. If we magnify our callings, we will strengthen the stakes of Zion and the Lord’s kingdom will flourish.

Anyways, there’s my testimony of sorts for the day. I really do feel good. It’s getting colder, the rain is falling harder and more frequently, the skies are a bit more threatening lately, but we feel good. Always striving to be obedient with exactness to be able to have the Spirit as a constant guide. I’m so glad McKay could have that experience. It’s a beautiful feeling and I honestly couldn’t live without it. I believe that the Spirit uses a fair amount of His comforting power on missionaries. That doesn’t go to say we’re never depressed, but we live in a world where agency is key, and sadly enough, many choose to use their agency poorly. This upsets us, but we carry on.

We finally got the new For the Strength of Youth  pamphlets. I hope Luke read it well before going to prom… haha. I love it. I love modern revelation. Seriously, we are too blessed.

Disappointments come, but they can be carried away just as easily with the atonement. There’s another highlight of zone conference: There is shame in sin, but not in repentance. Not all disappointments come as results of sin, but the atonement is available to all who accept it.

We now have a slideshow on youtube of the mission. You have to search “La misión argentina resistencia – May 2012”.

La Misión Argentina Resistencia – May 2012

I love you all. Pour your hearts out to the Lord in prayer, it helps a lot.


Elder Steven Reid Walker

Misión Argentina Resistencia

Entre Rios 435

3500 Resistencia, Chaco



For the Strength of Youth Booklet


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3 Responses to The Spirit of God Like a Fire is Burning

  1. Jill Coddington says:

    What a treat to see pictures of you and the others you surround yourself with. It looks like Argentina is agreeing with you. I know you have poured your heart and soul into this mission. Your commitment and love shine through in each post that I read. I am constantly amazed at your positive voice no matter what your circumstances. You are making a difference whether you feel it or not on a daily basis. Continue with your readings your dedication and your devotion , Steven. XO Mrs. C

  2. Robert Shoemaker says:

    How tall is steven now? He sure is helping me amd I know this is His plan a testimony builder, stay dry and warm Elders U.R.

  3. Robert Shoemaker says:

    Testimony Builders

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