It’s Up to Us to Be the Change

It feels good to work with your hands. It’s something I’ve missed a lot on the mission. We just finished an enjoyable service project that involved two elders, a district president and his 12 year old son, machetes, axes, and saws to call a few unwanted trees. I was blessed with the opportunity to let off some of the tension I’ve been carrying for the past few weeks as I took off up into the trees (with much care) to take them down branch by branch. I love yard work. Thanks, dad, for that one.

I had no idea that there had been an earthquake. according to the map you showed me, it was a good 450 miles away anyways so there’s no way it would have gotten to me. All is well in Puerto Rico.

We’re starting to work a lot more with the branch and it’s quite exciting to see how everything is starting to fall into place. As we work with the Branch President, we are setting plans to get home and visiting teachers working and certain families reactivated that we have searched for through prayer. The Lord is in charge of His church and I have a testimony that if we do the things as our leaders instruct us to, everything will flow perfectly, the Lord’s kingdom will grow, and we will carry salvation to the souls of many.

As for Memorial day, I’m in Argentina. That’s an American holiday. Argentines live in Argentina and therefore don’t celebrate American holidays. They certain have their fair share of holidays, though. Nevertheless, I hope you enjoy your Memorial Day.

My focus lately has been more centered on my spiritual growth. I got a letter from Drew Botcherby, my BYU roommate who’s serving in Recife, Brasil, and one of the things he told me really highlighted my thoughts as of late. He said that Elder Jensen of the Presidency of the Seventy and Elder Godoy of the area presidency visited his mission and Elder Godoy asked in his talk if the elders were measuring their mission on a calendar or based on their spiritual growth. I’m trying to avoid calendars as of late and have been focusing a lot on the blessings and lessons I have learned on my mission. The spirit is a strong and constant companion to those who are obedient, and he has been a welcome teacher for me lately.

In other news, we had a baptism this weekend. The boy is so humble and innocent, it’s really made me think about the teaching of Jesus as he taught us to become as little children. He’s fourteen, a future teacher, and doesn’t have much in terms of physical possessions, but finds happiness in the little things. He is teaching me patience, charity, and gratitude.

This Wednesday, we’ll be in Posadas (the capital of Misiones) for zone conference. I love conferences, councils, trainings, and all matter of teaching. I always leave with a clearer vision, more faith, more hope, and more desires to get to work. While the work with members looks like it will be improving soon, our investigator pool is running a little dry. Lots of people are progressing very little, choosing the things of the world over the blessings of the Gospel, and we keep working to help them understand well just exactly what it is that they’re denying.

The mission is hard. I’m more tired now than I’ve ever been in my life. I think more now than BYU ever required of me. And I feel more sorrow for sin than ever before, but it has all served to teach me and I thank the Lord for his patience with this servant.

Stay well,

Elder Steven Reid Walker

Misión Argentina Resistencia

Entre Rios 435

3500 Resistencia, Chaco



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One Response to It’s Up to Us to Be the Change

  1. Jill Coddington says:

    You are a constant reminder or the dedication and love you have been taught by your family, Steven. I know how proud they are of you for your hard work and extreme selflessness on your mission. You have matured and grown in so many ways. What an amazing mission this has been for you. You will be forever changed by it in so many ways, all for the better. When you return to BYU it will be with a whole new perspective and focus. You are an inspiration to so many, Steven. XO Mrs. C

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