No Se Que

Transfers came and went without movement. We’re all still here in Eldorado. I continue on for 6 more weeks with Elder Garcia and it looks like it will be an enjoyable stretch of time. The work here is hard, the people are quite cold; nice from afar, but just from afar. We have a few great people progressing slowly while others struggle to keep commitments. We keep ourselves animated and excited for the work no matter what difficulties we come across. Indeed, we follow the admonition of President McKay, “What e’re thou art, act well thy part.” We are striving to do so.

I’ve really been blessed by the Lord concerning my companions. Every one teaches me very individual lessons, and Elder Garcia keeps on shining with little words and comments of wisdom and inspired input. He has helped me remember the prophetic wisdom of treating people like the people you want them to become. Treating a less-active member like a leader, an investigator like an enthusiastic member, and so on. I am grateful for his help.

I am becoming more converted to the gospel of Jesus Christ every day. I recognize the lessons I learned in primary and young mens helping me time after time, and quite frankly, I love the preparation the Lord has allowed me to receive.

Conference talks from years past give help me focus my efforts, my thoughts, my prayers, and my actions. I thank the Lord for living prophets with modern revelation. It is among the greatest blessings we have as members of this church.

At the moment, my mind is quite burnt out. Lots of thinking, little sleep with lots of unwanted dreams, and the fatigue that comes from daily mountain hikes with a spiritual drive. I love it all, but it is definitely tiresome.

Stay strong in the faith, remember who you are – choice sons and daughters of God, and put Him and family first.


Elder Steven Reid Walker


He titled this picture “Christmas in May,” and said they came prepared…?? Steven can be so random! Love him!! 


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