Tanto Tiempo

Long time no talk.

Nothing exciting happened this week other than a little phone call from an Argentine gas station. I just wrote my president to ask him about the whole time thing for BYU; if it’s possible to finish a few weeks early to get back into BYU and what it would imply. Next week (if not sooner with transfers) we’ll see what he tells me. It was nice to talk with you. Difficult for sure after 8 months of solid Castilian, but enjoyable. We really live in such an isolated bubble in the mission, it’s an interesting feeling. In the front of Preach my Gospel it says that the setting apart as a missionary is literally a setting apart from the world. It’s way too true, almost to the point that it weirds me out. I’m so focused on my one purpose of finding, teaching and baptizing, that it seems like time has stopped. Having to realize that my time here is growing shorter every day quite honestly scares me. I’m growing, but need to grow more and faster I feel. Whatever the situation, I trust in the Lord and try to do my part so that he can help me with the rest.

At times, I recognize that we teach some concepts to our investigators that we don’t truly comprehend ourselves. This week in Priesthood, the lesson was from the George A. Smith manual on prayer, and as I analyzed and prepared the class, I realized that I need to pray more sincerely. I need to stop asking for the Lord to provide everything and change my prayers to asking that the Lord might give me the strength or the courage or the faith necessary to accomplish His will. With every new understanding one acquires, there is more fine print right below to keep guiding and directing that understanding.

For the moment, I’m studying a lot in chapter 10 on Preach my Gospel. I feel that the way I start lessons with people could be a lot more effective, especially because it’s really difficult for the majority of the people here to understand the doctrine we teach with the lack of education and literacy that we deal with here. With the kids, we have to teach a lot with pictures, and lately, we’re starting to teach them how to read. It’s proven quite effective. We have between 8 and 14 boys come to church every Sunday between 12 and 14 years old that don’t have very strong family structures (that goes to say that they don’t have any family structure and they essentially live in the streets while their parents work out of town for the majority of the week). They’re all in it together, are loving every minute, and keep asking for more things to read. We’d love to see them baptized, but without parental approval or support, there’s not too much we can do for the moment until we can put ourselves in contact with their parents.

I love the mission. I refuse to think in time. I live day by day, walk with faith, teach by the spirit to the best of my ability, and pray for the confidence to work miracles. I’m getting there, haha. You’re great. I was blessed with a pretty legit family. Love you all.

Elder Steven Reid Walker


It was wonderful to hear Steven’s voice on Mother’s Day. He truly struggled to find the words in English. His accent is hilarious…he speaks English with a Castilian flair! But I LOVE it! Last Mother’s Day, he was struggling to speak the language and was pretty discouraged. Faith and a year gone by … now he is fully immersed. I hope you are enjoying reading his words and testimony each week. Thank you so much for following his Adventures in Argentina. It is a blessing to share this with you all! Smiles, Marsi 🙂


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2 Responses to Tanto Tiempo

  1. Jill Coddington says:

    Sounds like BYU is calling your name again…..but not before you finish your hard work in Argentina. I am so moved to know that you are continuing to teach the children and young men and women you are ministering to. What a blessing that is to them and what a difference that will make in their lives. The teachers at WD Hall would be touched to know that you are mirroring ways that you were taught. Pictures, words and devotion to make their lives better. Keep up your commitment and know that each day you are touching the lives of so many who will remember you always. Thinking of you with pride Steven. XO Mrs. C

  2. Jill Coddington says:

    PS You know Mr. Davis would love to hear that you are teaching them some math, too !! Just a thought ! XO

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