Don’t Listen to Satan

Let me begin by saying that the Son of Lies is real and life’s greatest nuisance. This week has been filled with kinks but after a highly enlightening training yesterday in Resistencia, I am back in Misiones with the Spirit burning powerfully within me as personal revelation has lifted me to newer heights of understanding.

Summary of the week: After days of stressful preparation on our part, we were blessed with a baptism on Thursday. After much manipulation and dirty work by Satan, the girl has yet to be confirmed. The sweet wouldn’t exist were it not for the bitter. The bitter bites hard but the sweet lasts longer. A beautiful Leadership council yesterday has calmed my Spirit and sharpened my vision. My testimony has been strengthened yet again by Preach my Gospel.

Sunday I call home, again, and I recognize that time is passing by far too quickly, but I’m taking advantage of every day, thanking my Savior for the blessing I have of daily repentance, fasting and praying with all my might, and fighting to strengthen my faith. The Lord works no miracles among men until after the trial of our faith.

We’ve decided to teach people how to read lately. We recognize the church isn’t that strong here yet so we’ve been thinking about creative ways to find new people to teach. What better way is there to learn to read and to teach the gospel than use the Book of Mormon? We teach by the Spirit, they learn by the Spirit, and everyone leaves edified. We haven’t set up classes or a set time yet, but we have been teaching people in their homes. It’s thoroughly fulfilling.

I have been blessed to be born of goodly parents. I thank God for their love and examples of faith.

Happy Mother’s Day to all the mothers who have ever cared for a child, be it one or many. I respect you and thank you for your love and dedication.


Elder Walker

It’s the greatest honor and blessing to have raised this amazing young man! I echo his comments and thank every woman who has had part in raising him and every other child with love and righteousness. Happy Mother’s Day one and all! ~Smiles, Marsi 🙂


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2 Responses to Don’t Listen to Satan

  1. Jill Coddington says:

    Each step you take in this journey / mission is taking you to new heights, Steven. Of course, I loved reading the part about how you are teaching others to read. i just nodded my head with joy when I read that. How wonderful that you are sharing your skills with others and making such a difference in their lives. Learning to read seems like such a simple thing but to these people you are opening up a whole new world to them that can take them to so many different places. I commend you on your goodness and your faith. I have no doubt that you are really making a difference in the lives of so many. i was equally touched by your tribute to your parents and to all mothers. Thank you. What a blessing you are to your wonderful parents and how proud they are of you and how well you are doing on your mission. I continue to be amazed but not surprised at your dedication and love of your faith . You are an incredible young man who was raised by a loving and caring Mother and Father. What a special gift to your Mom this Mother’s Day to get a phone call from you. I know nothing will please her more than spending her day with her family and hearing from you. Stay strong in your faith , as I know you will , and in your determination to guide and instruct others. Thinking of you always. XO Mrs. C

  2. Jill Coddington says:

    Happy Mother’s Day to you, Marsi and to your Mother and sister ! Give Steven my love when you talk to him ! I am so proud to call all of your my friends and to follow Steven on his mission. XO

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