We Shall Shout in Glory

Number one, I got the package. It got to me surprisingly quick and I thank you dearly. The shoes fit well and my old, worn and tattered Eccos have be retired and given their honor. They fought the good fight. Also, I received the Valentine from Neil and Becky. Don’t know why it took so long getting here, but I received it and it was also quite enjoyable. Third, the following Monday I will be headed up to Iguazu falls. Should be quite the experience and I’m looking forward to it. We’ve been working hard and it will be a nice little treat for us all.

In other news, I loved conference, as always. Messages that were designed perfectly to meet not only my needs, but also the needs of a few of our investigators who we got to come with us as well. It was awesome. I really do feel a stronger connection to both Elder Scott and Elder Christofferson, and their messages were among my favorites this weekend. I don’t have my notes with me to comment more as we’re in Montecarlo, passing the P-day here after yet another Monday holiday and taking advantage of these few minutes to get a quick message off after our district meeting before our bus leaves. We live a fast paced life and I’m trying to slow things down to search the Spirit a bit more without getting lazy.

I know the Savior knows what our needs are. I also know that vocal prayer is essential to strengthening the relationship we have with our Father in Heaven. I feel that that’s something I’ve needed to do more of lately, so I now say my prayers in my study room before going to bed so that I don’t disturb my companion. I feel a greater need to establish the Gospel more fully in my life. More prayer, more fasting, more service, more sacrifice, more love, more humility, more charity, more diligence, more obedience, more patience, and more faith. Everything I do is to build more faith, whether it be my own or that of others, and the funny thing about faith is it requires faith to grow faith.

I’m not sure if I understood President Eyring’s council very well because lately in my prayers I have asked for a challenge, haha. I don’t know what to expect, but I know it’ll come soon. The Lord answers.

I love you all, I’m praying especially for Dad and Grandma as well, and am doing my best to not focus on time and just work. Of the 16 transfers every American missionary has in his mission down here, I’ve now entered number 10… I’m trying not to think about it, but I do recognize the habits I want to form and bring home with me after my service is complete.

May God bless you all in your faithfulness.

Elder Steven Reid Walker

PS…The photo is from this past weekend’s LDS General Conference. Elder David Archuleta is in the Missionary Training Center now and was part of this choir! He will serve a mission in South America as well. Thought you’d all enjoy this! 🙂 


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One Response to We Shall Shout in Glory

  1. Jill Coddington says:

    I had to sigh and laugh a bit when you said you were ” asking for a challenge.” HA HA is right !! I believe you are given a challenge every single day that you are there!! I wonder to myself, what you think a challenge is!! Wow, Steven, you are one tough guy ! I believe you are meeting and facing the daily challenges with great faith and amazing perseverence!! I am touched each and every time I read your letters. You are correct when you say that it takes great faith to build more faith. Your love of your religion, your service and sacrifice and patience, diligence and obedience are evident to me always. I am sure all of this is shown to those around you , also. You must be an inspiration to all, young , old, faithful and faithless. Keep up your hard work and dedication. There is not a doubt in my mind about the impact you are having on others. Take care and know you are thought of each and every day. XO Mrs. C

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