Viva la Vida

All we can do is keep living with a head held high and depend faithfully on our individual testimonies that the plan our father has established for us is truly real. I have no doubt and it brings me solace. With yet another week of changes, I have now been to Resistencia four times in four weeks, received a new companion every time, and at the moment, my body wants to tell me I’m overwhelmed, but putting my confidence in the Lord, I really can’t deny that everything that happens, happens on the Lord’s time and in His wisdom. We can’t choose our trials, but we can choose our attitude as to how we handle them. I choose to go forward with faith.

My new companion is a great blessing. He came with faith, not understanding why the Lord has chosen to reassign him so quickly (he was actually being trained by Elder Moore from Santee who’s in La Leonesa, Chaco right now), but he is more than willing to work hard and seek the Lord’s will. He’s awesome. His name is Elder Garcia and is from Cadiz, España. We get along great, we’ve just got to direct our drive and baptize.

The Lord knows us. I know it. I know he knows what I need to keep growing. Every day as I struggle to find the solutions that the Gospel presents us to help these people with the problems they are facing, my testimony grows as I’m blessed to see just how perfect the Lord’s plan is for us. There really is no need to fear death nor affliction when we know the grand scheme of things. As my trust continues growing in the Savior, I have stopped asking so many “why’s” and started explaining them. The gospel gives us all the answers. It requires our faith to overcome uncertainty.

Today, while in Corrientes finishing my visa renovation process, I saw a phrase that said, “Greatness is an attitude.” We decide our own success and happiness in this life. The gospel gives us the success formula. Why not follow it?

The Lord gives me the strength I need to keep going strong. I recognize I couldn’t do it on my own.

I love Him, as I love you all. Never doubt.

Elder Steven Reid Walker

Here’s a wonderful short story I thought you’d enjoy! Smiles, Marsi 🙂 Lessons I Learned as a Boy


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2 Responses to Viva la Vida

  1. Beverly Avery says:

    Such an incredible young man this ‘child’ of yours is. I marvel at his maturity, sense of commitment and his faith. The Lord has surely sent you an angel. Thank you so much for sharing his journey.

  2. Jill Coddington says:

    Each day is a new one filled with exciting challeneges for you as always. I am glad to hear that you are still keeping such an uplifting attitude. I am certain that your enthusiasm and dedication are contagious and help others in their missions. You are and always have been a role model to others, Steven. I am sure those in charge are aware of this and that is why they give you more responsibility . I pray that you will reach your goals and continue to influence and touch the lives of those around you. XOX Mrs. C

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