It Should Be an Expectation to Expect the Unexpected

He is risen! My hijo came back! It was the joke of the mission office when they all told me that my hijo was resurrected having come back to the mission after only a few days and a few doctors appointments in Buenos Aires. His conjunctivitis is all clear and not contagious, but the poor guy suffers from flat feet and the hills and cobblestone streets of Puerto Rico are quite a challenge for him. I respect the kid though. He’s obviously in pain, but he stays quiet about it so we can stay focused and keep working. I love being focused on the mission.


We’re getting pretty pumped up for general conference. It’s literally Christmas weekend for missionaries. We get to see the Lord in action, hear modern revelation, help our investigators feel the spirit with 10 hours of apostolic testimonies… it doesn’t get much better than that.


With the return of my companion, my mini missionary has returned home to keep going on with his classes. The kids here just started school again as we’re getting set to enter fall as you all are entering spring. It’s starting to get fresher and fresher little by little, but the heat still lingers.


The Lord has been blessing us with little miracles and rewarding us for our perseverance. As we started the transfer, we fasted as a zone to meet the monthly goal of 11 baptisms and confirmations. With the whitewash, we were essentially starting from scratch so I didn’t know if we’d have baptisms anytime soon. In this past week, we went to visit a family that the missionaries have visited time and time again over the years, but have never accepted the baptismal invitation. The kids attend church every week, but the members had just assumed that the parents wouldn’t give the kids permission to get baptized given the time thats passed without progress. We decided to give it a go. It was a pretty simple lesson where we explained the importance of baptism by someone who possesses the Priesthood, and that baptism is the first step we take to prove to God that we are willing to repent and follow Him. The parents were touched and even though they haven’t accepted the invitation to be baptized yet, they gave their sons permission. That said, we’re looking forward to at least two baptisms the 24th. I know the Lord answers prayers.


My faith continues to grow. I know that the potency of the faith of one depends on the actions taken by the individual to put that faith in practice. Faith without works is dead, my friends. Let us give life to our faith in Christ.


Love you all,


Elder Steven Reid Walker

Photos from the top: the view behind Steven’s apartment, Steven’s Branch Mission Leader leading them to his house in the jungle, and El Río Paraná

Thanks for reading our blog each week! Have a great day! Smiles, Marsi 🙂



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One Response to It Should Be an Expectation to Expect the Unexpected

  1. Jill Coddington says:

    Loved the pictures Steven. What a beautiful area you are in. Each day certainly brings new things to your mission. It sounds like there is constant change and interesting turns in your ” adventures”. I welcome each new update to find out what is happening in your world. i am always proud to read how you are impacting the lives of the people you meet and minister to. You are a perfect person to be sharing your beliefs with others. I know your passion and devotion drive you each day. Thinking of you always. XO Mrs. C

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