Mini Missionary

So, here was the teaser I got this morning:

In the afternoon I’ll get on again. Interesting news is headed your way… haha wow. I’m learning many things by getting thrown into new situations haha…

Then, the letter: 🙂

Big news. My son went home early with an eye infection :/ Not the happiest thing to happen to a kid after only a week in the mission field. Elder Martinez, the Elder I was training, contracted conjunctuvitis in the MTC in Buenos Aires and it seems that it just progressed getting worse and worse until it turned into something called queratitis. Not really sure what that is in English, but it’s highly contagious and will be so for up to a year. So, to avoid problems and not play with fire, It was decided that he recover back in his home. I wish him well, pray for him, and know that the Lord has his hand in everything.

So. Not to be left without a companion, I have now what’s called a mini missionary as my comp. He’s an 18 year-old priest from Formosa. He’s actually the son of my mission leader in my first area where I started in Formosa capital one year ago. He’s got good desires so we’ll see what we can’t do to help him get pumped up to serve his own mission.

I’ll be headed back to Resistencia again this week to do paperwork to be officially Argentine! I’ll get Argentine documents and everything. Neat little recuerdo eh?

I know my Savior lives. I know that the path to perfection and exaltation exists solely in keeping His commandments and listening perfectly to the words of the prophets. I have committed myself to following their counsel. In this there is safety.

Love you all,

Elder Steven Reid Walker


I found this You Tube video of a bicyclist traveling around Puerto Rico, Misiones, Argentina, right where Steven is serving! It is beautiful country! Enjoy the field trip. Hope you are all well! Smiles, Marsi, Steven’s grateful momma 🙂


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One Response to Mini Missionary

  1. Jill Coddington says:

    As usual , Steven, you handle each new situation with a positive attitude and move forward. It does not matter what challenge is presented to you …… there seems to be nothing you cannot deal with. I am sure that they people that you come in contact with are touched by your positive outlook. I just watched the short video of the area that you are in. What a beautiful place it is !! How exciting to have this opportunity to see other areas of the world and how these people live. You are truly blessed to be able to share this experience with so many. I know I keep saying it but i do hope you are keeping a journal of some kind so you can share all that you have encountered and experienced with others. I know you could help many and inspire even more. Take care XO Mrs. C

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