A Whole New World

It’s beautiful, green, and more modern than any other area I’ve had up until now. Puerto Rico is amazingly beautiful. To clarify the changes that have happened this week, I have been transferred to Puerto Rico, Misiones, 40km from Jardín America, but in a different zone. The zone is called El Dorado. My new responsibilities are: Trainer, Whitewasher, District Leader, First Counselor in the branch, and member exciter. Whitewash = the two elders that were in the area before get transferred, and two new elders replace them, learning the new area and meeting the members with a map. It’s a great challenge, I’m excited, and we started it all with a baptism last Saturday. The fun now will be finding new investigators and winning the confidence of the members from the start. We can do it.

I’m healthy, I’m happy, and my testimony is still growing stronger. We’ve started a zone purification process…essentially we’ve dedicated ourselves to leave behind all the worldy distractions that we holding us back and recommitting ourselves to the work. It’s incredible how it opens up one’s missionary eyes. I see opportunities to share the gospel in so many places that before I may have overlooked. The Lord is directing this work.

My letter is short today because I’m about an hour away from Puerto Rico in a city called Montecarlo after a meeting we had with the Elders and we’ve got to get back on time to work, but I love you all.

 Elder Steven Reid Walker

About marssea

A happy, healthy, and optimistic momma!
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One Response to A Whole New World

  1. Jill Coddington says:

    Well, it sounds like you are moving on to another adventure. You obviously are handling the move with excitement and enthusiasm. I would expect no less from you. I know the responsibilities you are being given are a testament to the great job you are doing on your mission. You are obviously happy and anxious to share the love you have for your church and all that you hold dear . Keep up your amazing work there Steven. I have no doubt you are making a difference in so many lives in each of the areas you are assigned. You continue to inspire and impress me , Steven. But that is nothing new with you !!! XO Mrs. C

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