Round Two

What a tiring yet fulfilling week. So much work, so much to do, and it’s left me quite tuckered out. Since Tuesday afternoon, I’ve been doing divisions with the elders of my zone as everyone needs a little help and a little training to get more excited about the work and to search the miracles in the deathly Formosa heat. It’s tough, but not impossible.

How interesting, right? All the things that are worth anything cost a lot of time, energy, dedication, and faith. May we dedicate ourselves to making the time we need to energetically strengthen our faith.

Today I started my ninth transfer (cycle of six weeks) meaning that I’ve officially made it past the half-way mark. Every missionary from the states serves for 16 transfers. It’s been a week of reflection, goal setting, work, and pumping up. Not only myself, but trying to share the excitement with the zone. Excitement is contagious. Share some joy with someone else today.

Yesterday, we paired up with the Priesthood quorum to go visit less active families. I got paired up with my Argentine dad (He’s declared he wants to adopt me) and we got sent off to the far reaches of Clorinda to search the lost sheep. The man has such a way of expressing the simple truths of life. He’s passed through a fair number of trials in his days and as we walked, we talked about life. I shared with him a few mission stories and we passed the afternoon calmly, with the exception of the ever-present hoodlums that always mess with us. This weekend being carnaval, everyone is soaking everyone with water balloons and some of the kids were throwing some pretty vulgar insults as well. Kencho’s loved by everyone, but when they saw him walking with me, they began to insult us cruelly. I told Kencho not to worry about them and that it was common, and the wise man simple told me, “It’s alright, brother, they know not what they do.” The man impacted me there. What faith and charity. He truly showed me what it means to turn the other cheek. Mission experiences = priceless.

More adventures ahead, we’ll see what transfers bring. After six months in Clorinda, it’s not a sure call that I stay or that I go. Whatever the call, the work is the same and it’s the Lord calling the shots. I’d be wise to follow His direction. The same goes for all of you haha.

Love you all. You’re great, really.

Elder Steven Reid Walker


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One Response to Round Two

  1. Jill Coddington says:

    Each day that passes brings new adventures and new challenges to you. I marvel at the way you handle each one but am not surprised at the positive outlook you continue to take and the inspiration you give to others around you. I know that each person , whether they be members of your mission or those you are teaching , feel your strength and commitment. You continue to grow in your faith and in your love of your church. I know how much you love your family and know how proud of you they are. I am , too, Steven, and look forward to each post you send. I am still pushing for that book to come out about your adventures . I will be the first to buy it but you will have to autograph it for me. Keeping you in my thoughts and prayers. XO Mrs. C

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