What Should I Say…

What should I say this week to sound like something exciting happened… Here’s a list of the happenings:

– Consejo for Zone leaders

– Epic fan search

– Zone Conference

– 1 Baptism

– Mega Mosquitos

– Branch Leadership meetings and so on.

About the consejo, I’ve already told you. Long story short, my President is awesome, I know he’s been called of God to preside over this mission in this moment, and I’m following his counsel with faith that it will bring the results that the mission needs in this moment.

In the middle of a Formoseño summer, a brick apartment without air conditioning is literally an oven. Our air broke a while back and even though we’ve had a couple people come to try to fix it, no one has been able to tame the beast. We finally got tired of cooking and got the permission to buy a fan. Then the search began. You’ve gotta love how people take advantage of necessities. The budget we were given to buy a fan was $350, a sum quite generous, if we were in any other part of the mission. But, here in Clorinda, the cheapest fan we could find was $412. They gave us permission to buy it anyways. Now we sleep more comfortably, more dry, and we’re two happy missionaries.

Zone conference was a good moment to put all our new tactics to practice. We were there for about five hours in Formosa Capital in the stake center where I started the mission. Nostalgia. Gotta love it. We practiced how to work well with the members, how to ask for references, and how to work well with the less active members in the branch directories. Good stuff.

Our baptism went well. Fairly hectic at first because as we were filling the font, the water cut and we had to call the fire department to bring us water. They told us they couldn’t do it until 5pm (gotta love the siesta), and the baptism was going to start at 6pm. We began to search throughout the church for all the water we could find and threw all of it into the font, but it didn’t do anything. I swear the font was just laughing at us. In the end, we found out that one of the motors that pumps water into the church had burnt out and we needed to restart it. That we did and the font filled itself perfectly just in time for the baptism. We called off the fire department and we were blessed to keep the $100 that they were going to charge us.

Mega mosquitos me quieren demasiado. They like me too much. When they find me, I end up with bites about the size of the “enter” key. Delightful to say the least.

We keep working strong with the branch and district leadership. It’s gratifying work because we see the growth thats occurring. Less members are whining and more members are serving. I love the perfection of this church. It’s just gotta be true. Oh. right. It is 🙂

You’re all awesome. I really appreciate the roles you’ve all played helping to shape me into who I am today. We are all results of experience, be it personal experience or what we’ve learned from the experiences of others. Thank you all.

I am a representative of Christ, and I’m a fellow servant in His work. That we might all work together to strengthen His kingdom.

Elder Steven Reid Walker

Misión Argentina Resistencia

Entre Rios 435

3500 Resistencia, Chaco




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One Response to What Should I Say…

  1. Jill Coddington says:

    YIKES!!! All I can say is thank goodness for the fan and that hopefully it is powerful enough to blow those monster mosquitoes out of your room!!!!My goodness, that mosquito looks like it is the size of an eagle!!! No wonder you have bites the size of ENTER key !!! Whoa mosquito is all I can say !!! I am happy to hear that you had a successful week. Also, happy to hear that you were able to perform your baptism and get the fount working. Looks like your young man was very happy after his baptism. You look mighty happy, too!! Thinking about your monster mosquitoes made me think of the book Hatchet and how he tried everything to get away from those pesky creatures!! I am sure you are doing the same. Continue with your hard work and constant dedication , Steven. I will try to send some cool weather your way. We have been getting a lot of snow here in Durango so I am blowing some cold air your way. Not sure that it will help, though. XOXOX Mrs. C

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