Fah. Crazy week. Electric storms, power outages, 100% humidity, no air conditioning, new families to teach, an awesome zone leaders concil, and all the work towards more baptisms this week. It’s always worth the sacrifices in the end.

We’re doing fine here, working, sweating, finding, teaching, committing, testifying, and training. The average life of an Argentine missionary. Our investigators are almost all at a standstill for the moment with problems with their documents that they need to get married, others with laziness, others now find themselves in the hospital, and above all, it’s just incredible watching the attack Satan is making on those who are trying to accept the gospel. It’s literally insane. He strikes so fast, and if we as missionaries of the Lord Jesus Christ aren’t sure of our testimonies, we are subject to fall with them. Don’t worry though, I’m very sure of my testimony. What’s more, I like a challenge. As the family motto says, I do hard things. It’s the only way to grow and help others grow too.

Consejo yesterday was awesome. President Heyman had a very special lesson in mind and he taught it well. While all of us zone leaders and the assistants were planning, discussing problems in the mission and how to resolve them, how to help investigators overcome the most common obstacles, etc., President Heyman was in the other room shining the shoes of every elder. He literally took upon himself the role of Christ and cleaned our feet. What an example. Every day his example helps me recognize the Savior’s teachings in action. It’s a beautiful thing.

As we came back from Consejo, the movie in the bus was, for the first time in all my time in Argentina, clean. It was the “new” Chronicles of Narnia. I never watch the movies, seeing that it’s a rule in the mission, and I did refrain from watching the majority, but being on a spiritual high after Consejo and knowing that Aslan represents Christ in the books, when I saw Aslan on the screen, I payed attention. In the moment where Aslan is scratching the sand and Eustace is half dead, it really made me think about the pains of repentance, but the forgiveness and cleansing that the Savior offers us. I love symbolism and thinking. Lessons have a stronger effect when the learner has to think.

Stay strong, my friends, we are in the final days. It doesn’t take a mission to teach us that. Stay faithful and never let your guard down.

I’ve said it many times before, but I know that my Savior lives. Trust in him.

Love you all.

Elder Steven Reid Walker

Misión Argentina Resistencia

Entre Rios 435

3500 Resistencia, Chaco


Check out the Mission President’s experience on shining the shoes. What an inspiration. My son is in good hands. ~Marsi, one grateful momma 🙂


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3 Responses to Aslan!

  1. Susan Baker says:

    I’ve only recently started receiving E-mails from Adventures In Argentina. I’m so sad now that I didn’t start sooner. I love reading your adventures! I love the spirit that I feel from you when I read them. I love hearing of the trials of the people (and the missionaries), but even more I love hearing your strength. What a GREAT example you are. Keep up the good work. You make the Bostonia Ward proud!!

  2. Jill Coddington says:

    As always, your life is filled with challenges, revelations and faith. I was just in San Diego and saw Mrs. Greiner, Mrs. Brown and Mr. Davis. I talked at length to Mr. Davis and have forwarded your update to him. He was excited to hear about your mission and wanted me to be sure to tell you hello. Mrs. B and Mrs. G , also. We are all so proud of you and all you are doing to help those in Argentina. Mr. Davis said Argentina has many challenges but of course, you know that already. I continue to follow you and be amazed and touched by the love you have for the Savior and your teachings. I am so touched by your words always, Steven. Keep up your dedication and faith.
    XO Mrs. C

    • Ms Sandra says:

      the heat and humidity has always been a dangerous thing for me, surely the Devil is after me then. It, the heat and humidity, tries to make me into a mean person. This is one reason I have moved permanently to Oregon. Blessings on you.

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