Just another normal, hot week. Really nothing fantastic happened. We’re rolling into a new habit of finding and teaching, really focusing our efforts on finding and completing less-active families. It brings its own difficulties into the work seeing that the large majority of family members of members rely a lot on their examples, and when a member is less active, it takes more work to help them remember their testimony, what their testimony means, what to do with that testimony, and then help them share it contagiously with their relatives and friends. At least thats the theory. It’s been a rough week trying to find families that are in this category, and it might take a bit of time to really perfect the art, but we understand and like the idea.

As to the investigators we have at the moment, the large part of them are at a standstill. José and Lilian have been arguing for days now as their working towards their marriage, and we’ve more or less turned into their marriage counselors without wanting to. Lilian wants José to change, to focus less on his mom in Paraguay and her necessities and give more attention to Lilian and their two daughters. We really just want them to get over their differences, make them realize that they’ve been together for 7 years already and know how each other are, help them recognize that they can’t have the sweet without the bitter, and I’m really just starting to get annoyed by the constant whining between the two. Today we have a cita with them with another old couple in the branch who just accomplished 40 years of marriage, so hopefully they help us out. These people have their answer. They know the church is true. Now they’ve got to follow the spirit and get baptized. Simple, right?

Time is flying by faster and faster, we had two baptisms in the zone last week and one of the guys that got baptized is genuinely too legit. He understands exactly the importance of his baptism, the promise he’s made to the Lord, and what he has to do now to follow Him. At 23 years old, he wants to leave on the mission when he finished his one year as a member mark. Right now, the elders are working with his mom as well. we hope all goes well in that family.

The work goes on, we have Consejo de los Lideres de Zona again next Monday with zone conference Wednesday, so it’s going to be quite the busy week, and we hope to be baptizing at least one person every weekend this month. We’re gonna take down Satan.

To my grandparents, thank you for your support and your letters. It’s awesome having your family behind you down here. So many people don’t know who their fathers are, or simply don’t come from families at all, I love knowing where I come from and who I have to thank for it. Love you.

To my family, you already know I love you, but I’ll tell you again. Love you.

To my friends, keep on fighting. This world is a tough place turning tougher daily. Never let your spiritual guard down, never fail to follow the counsel of the prophet or other church leaders, and never hesitate to repent when you make mistakes. The Lord came that we might find comfort in him. It’s only through true repentance that we can make the most of the blessing He has for us.

Have a great week, all of you, and keep your heads held high.

Levantaos y brillad.

Elder Steven Reid Walker

Misión Argentina Resistencia

Entre Rios 435

3500 Resistencia, Chaco



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One Response to Y…Si

  1. Jill Coddington says:

    Sounds like the challenges continue but you are having successes, also. The people there , I am sure, feel your commitment and love for your church. They may take longer to realize what you are trying to share with them but I know you will persevere and stay the course. As each day goes by you are showing others what dedication and education can mean to them in their lives. Keep up with your hard work and I know you will feel the strength of your faith coming through to those around you. Much love XO Mrs. C

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