The weeks go by too fast. In all seriousness, I feel like I don’t have time to think. Church yesterday was powerfully spiritual and I loved it. There’s finally a feel of unity entering the branch and it feels good. I feel like the work we’re doing is starting to pay off. A few investigators I had with Elder Everett when I first got here came back from the south after five months living and working near Tierra del Fuego. It pumped me up so much to see them from up above in the congregation (I direct the music in the branch). What happened was a week after I got to Clorinda, Walter and Veronica were all set to get married. He’s 23 and she’s 20. They’re super classy and were getting all ready for their wedding and baptism my first week here, but my first Monday in Clorinda, Walter’s brother called offering him work in the south and Tuesday they took off practically without notice. It crushed us. Saturday, we passed by their house, or rather the house of Walter’s dad, a less active member, to try to pump him up to come to church Sunday, and he shared with us the news that they had come back and that they would be in church the following day. I lit up. Seriously, I’m so excited for them right now. It’s going to take a bit of work, but it appears they’re animated to finish what they started half a year ago. They showed up yesterday, and we’ve got an appointment with them tomorrow. Oh, Jesus, you’re too good to us.


Other than that, our young blood is pumping well. Our new missionaries came with good focus and good desires to baptize. This week, we’ve got three baptisms coming up. It’s been more than a month since these missionaries have been able to baptize, so it’s going to be good fuel to keep them going, working hard, and putting in their all. We are in the work of the Lord. This is the only church he is personally guiding. No one can stop the progress. I stand as a witness. We’ve seen countless numbers of obstacles, but above all, the Lord’s faithful will triumph.


Every day I feel closer to my Savior. I feel His presence. He’s real and I can’t deny it. His love is perfect; His ability to forgive unlimited. I hope you all recognize how blessed we are to have Him on our side.


I’m praying for you all, especially Luke haha. Don’t worry, kid, you’ll get into BYU. The Lord knows you and your needs. Whether it happens now or in the future, you’ll get in.


One year left to work. Imma make the most of it. The key to a successful mission as taught to me by President Heyman, God bless that man, is my decision to enjoy it. I am loving my mission. I feel my Savior’s love, as the hymn says, and I love my mission. I wouldn’t trade this time for anything.


Love you all,


Elder Steven Reid Walker


Misión Argentina Resistencia


Entre Rios 435


3500 Resistencia, Chaco





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One Response to Again?

  1. Jill Coddington says:

    See how things are looking up for you ? I knew it was just a matter of time before you would be feeling success and fulfillment in so many ways. I read your letter and was touched as always by your enthusiasm and love of your religion. That is such an admirable thing and makes my heart so full of joy to read of your commitment and dedication. I know I keep saying that to you Steven, but I honestly feel that way. You are such an inspiration to all of those around you. Always keeping a positive and uplifting attitude when I am sure it is not always easy. You are amazing. I am hoping for a good week for you and continued success on your mission. I know you feel the love and support of your wonderful family and so many of us that are following your mission. Much love, XOX Mrs. C

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