I Believe in Miracles…

…Like geckos with glowing heads, haha. We came home to the pensión last night to be greeted by a gecko on our door who had snagged a firefly. His head was glowing as the little lightning bug flashed intermittently. Nice little laugh to end another hot, humid Formoseño day.

This past week was relatively no-action. The streets were empty, the houses closed up, and the only people wandering the streets seemed to be drunks and drug addicts, but no matter the circumstances, we found little successes here and there.

Number one would be our dear friends José and Lilian. José has a testimony of gold and wants to be baptized as soon as possible, the only problem is he has to work every Sunday without any option to get the day off being the only specialist in the bakery, and as is the case so frequently here, they have to get married too. This leads to another problem: they’re both from Paraguay. This means that they’ve got to do all their paperwork and documentation over there. Not cheap, but they want to do it. They’ve got their answer, they know the church is true, and they’re willing to do everything to get baptized. They’re the family I’ve been looking for my whole mission.

Thursday, we had a scare with José. He’s diabetic. We had just gotten to his house and had sat down out front with Lilian to wait for him and chat, when he came home at 8:30, as usual, but there was something different. He wasn’t the same José we´ve always known. In fact, he had gone the entire day without eating and his body was demanding insulin and sugar to recuperate. He was going crazy and acting like a toddler, Lilian was getting distressed because he wasn’t coming to, and as the minutes passed, he was getting worse. We offered and explained a health blessing and she accepted it for him, the blessing was given, but as soon as I lifted my hands from his head, he passed out. The spirit had indicated me to command him to be healed, and I didn’t doubt it, but admittedly I was slightly confused. We carried José to his room where we lay him on his bed and began to monitor him while a crying Lilian was in the other room calling the ambulance. For about half an hour, we sat there with José as he began to convulse and mumble. In all seriousness, I couldn’t stop thinking about the stories of Alma the younger and of King Lamoni. Miraculously, the story ends the same. José came to. He began looking everywhere, trying to comprehend where he was and what was going on. As soon as he recognized me standing by his side, he looked to the sky and cried, “Thank you great Jesus for saving me, and thank you for bringing me home to my family.” He then grabbed me in embrace and began to cry saying that he wanted to share his testimony with the world that God is great and that Jesus is the Savior. About this time, the ambulance got there and Lilian came running in panicky, telling José to come quick and that the people were going to help him. He wouldn’t accept it haha. He told her that the first thing he was going to do was pray and thank the Lord, followed by food, and then he was going to share his testimony with the world. He kept insisting, he kept insisting, and in the end, José won first, but so did Lilian, haha.

I believe in miracles. I believe the spirit speaks to worthy servants the will of God. I believe I am involved in a great work. I will not give up. Nothings gonna stop me. Give me what you’ve got, Satan.

Progress is slow, but the Lord didn’t send us here to be successful, he sent us here to be faithful. Let us do our best to be a little more faithful every day.


Elder Steven Reid Walker

Misión Argentina Resistencia

Entre Rios 435

3500 Resistencia, Chaco



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One Response to I Believe in Miracles…

  1. Jill Coddington says:

    Isn’t life amazing? Look at all of the incredible experiences you are having in Argentina. As you said, ” Miracles do happen!” You are seeing them right before your eyes. You are faciing your challenges and keeping your faith strong. I am ever inspired by you and the stories you relate.Your story about Jose is a miracle for sure. Lilian must have been frantic yet you kept your calm and used your faith to see Jose through it. What a blessing you are . Stay strong and I will wait for the next adventure and miracle to be unfolded before your eyes. Much love and strength to you, XO Mrs. C / Jill

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