Haha Christmas essentially doesn’t exist here. Extra holidays, on the other hand, do. The president made yesterday a holiday because Christmas fell on a Sunday, so we worked. It looks like the same thing will happen next week. But about Christmas, It’s just another day set apart to invite over your friends, have a big bbq, and drink more than any other day of the year. Instead of remembering the Savior, sin was everywhere, but the noble and great ones stayed strong, remembered the spirit of the season, and at the end of the day, all of 6 members showed up to church.

What can you do? We know why we’re here. We know what needs to change, and as far as we can go to help, we will do it.

We were blessed with a lovely little rain shower followed by intense heat and insane humidity. The mission is such a trip. I love it. I just flicked a cockroach off my keyboard hahaha. What a place.

I love my calling. I love the challenge. I love serving my Lord and my fellowman. I can tell the Lord is blessing us for our efforts.

Yesterday, we found ourselves on a street I’ve never been on the follows the border of Paraguay, right on the river. We were looking for the house of a guy we found on Christmas Eve. We had an appointment with him, but as so typically happens, he wasn’t there, so we set to work looking for other people to teach. As we got to the last house right on the border of the river, we saw a huge cage, but nothing inside. The house was huge, but we clapped it anyway. As we were standing there waiting for someone to answer us, we saw a giant blue and gold macaw move around inside the cage. Y’all know me and birds. I got a bit more zealous in my contacting endeavors so that if anything I could see the bird. We clapped again, and then we noticed two more cages behind the first big one. My comp saw them before I did, but inside were two of the huge, famous toucans. Soo legit. As we’re standing there in awe from a distance, the owner came out and let us pass. He let us pet the birds, I made the contact talking about the beauty and legitimateness of the creations of God, and we have an appointment to go back and teach our new toucan-owning friend Ruben this Friday. Surely there will be photos.

Other than that, it was a very, very hot week, getting close to 47 degrees celsius, (116 degrees fahrenheit) we’re in the work of finding new investigators after helping all the others enter the waters of baptism, and to top it off, the hair clippers of my barber broke while she was cutting my hair today so my hair is now half cut.

I’m living the life. The mission is the place to be, and the work of saving souls is tiring at times, but oh so worth it.

I love my Savior, I wished Him happy birthday, I had a lovely little chat with the fam, and read my scriptures. What did you do to remember Jesus? Set goals this week to do a little more remembering Him next year.

Love you all,

*Elder Steven Reid Walker*

Misión Argentina Resistencia

Entre Rios 435

3500 Resistencia, Chaco


Note from the momma: Included below is our Family Christmas Card, complete with Steven in two mission pix! We had a most wonderful visit on the phone Christmas morning, and it was marvelous just hearing Steven’s voice. He admitted that he hadn’t spoken English in quite some time and it was cute to hear him skip a word, or forget a number every now and again. He spoke a couple sentences in Spanish and he is definitely fluent…it’s beautiful! His voice is so calm, so full of love and gentleness. We just clung to every sound and sentence and at the end, I wished I had recorded his final words to us. (You know, with all the technology we have, it would’ve been so easy to press “record” on our iPhones!…oh well, he only had a minute left on his calling card and I wanted to hear every word…) He said how much he loved us all, that we are the “perfect” family since family as we know it doesn’t exist down there. He encouraged us to pray daily and read our scriptures and never miss church. He then told us to stay strong and faithful that we might all be together forever with the Lord! It was the perfect Christmas gift to us all…a son’s love, a brother’s care, a missionary’s life!

I wish you all a wonderful New Year as you begin 2012. Love and best wishes to all! ~Marsi, one happy Momma! 



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One Response to Christmas?

  1. Jill Coddington says:

    So, you have a pet La Cucaracha? And you flicked him off your computer . MY MY!!!! I think I would be happier knowing you had a pet toucan or macaw! How interesting your days are. Finding the house with the toucans and macaw must have been amazing. How great to make a contact and see these creatures in person. I will wait for pictures to come. I am so thankful you were able to speak to your family on Christmas. That is the best gift they could ever receive. It brought me to tears to read what your Mom had to say and what your last words were to them. You are so blessed to have such an incredible family. So many families these days are so disassociated from each other and do not count their blessings each day. I am so thankful to have a close and loving family, also. Infact , I am with my Mom and Dad right now. We are in California to see them and our son , John and his daughter. John will be deploying again in a few weeks. We were able to spend Christmas with Jenny, Rob and our grandson Tanner. Life is good. I think of you every day Steven and am sure you are making a difference in the lives of so many there. Keep up with your love your God and your quest to teach others. XOXOX Mrs. C

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