I’m Trying to be Like Jesus

I’m trying to love as He did in all that I do and say. It’s more difficult for me now than it has been at any other time in my mission or in my life. I’m learning that love isn’t passiveness. It’s exhortation. It’s compelling. It’s encouraging and lifting others who are down even when you’re feeling more depressed than they are. I love my Savior, he was such the perfect example in every way. Especially as a leader.

This week has been taxing. We did divisions with the assistants to the president and I was able to remember what effective missionary work is and how many things I’ve forgotten in trying to establish the unity with my companion that is so necessary to be able to have the company of the Spirit. The assistants know the difficulties I’m having and gave me some good council, but in trying to put it all in practice, I’ve only been receiving kidney punches from my companion in return.

Other than the difficulties, I love the Christmas season. Even when it’s 105 degrees minimum with humidity at about 60%. It’s tough, but nothing will keep me from doing the work of my Lord. We had one baptism last week, we have three more this week, and another companionship in my zone has 4 next week. The goal of 6 for the month of December will be duplicated and more by the zone of Clorinda. If all goes perfect, we will finish with 13 this month. Incredible progress considering all the trials we are facing.

I’m finding more faith daily, I’m also seeing the adversary fighting harder. We cannot give up.

Thank you for your love and prayers, I need them.

I also get to call home in two weeks. We’ll need to talk about that and talk details.

Peace on earth, goodwill to men.

Elder Steven Reid Walker

Misión Argentina Resistencia

Entre Rios 435

3500 Resistencia, Chaco



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One Response to I’m Trying to be Like Jesus

  1. Jill Coddington says:

    I have to comment first on that H U G E creature !! YIKES!!!! I hope this large bug was not in your room where you sleep or where you eat!! You are definitely having some interesting ” adventures” in Argentina!!!
    Now to more serious things…….. it sounds like you are facing some challenges this week. I know this is not what you would like to be dealing with but I am a firm beleiver that God never gives us more than what we can handle. I am sure he sees your strengths and is giving you these challenges to test your faith and steadfastness.You will prove to be victorious , I know. Your companion has a lot further to go to show his faith . He reacts back to you becasue of his lack of self esteem and lack of truth in his faith. Stay on your path no matter how difficult it becomes. I know you will. I am sure others see your hard work and constant work to improve and handle your day to day hurdles. I am constantly reminded of how these lessons and experiences will affect your life in the future and feel so sure that they will be times you will look back on and draw such amazing strength from.
    How wonderful that you will be able to call home soon. What a blessing and the best Christmas gift you and your family will receive.
    Merry Christmas Steven. I hope the New Year will bring you many more affirmations of your faith .
    Much love and many prayers to you, Mrs.C

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