The Spirit is strong amidst all the addictions and vices the people of Clorinda fight with day after day. Yesterday we had an awesome consejo with Presidente Heyman and President Fernandez of the Resistencia Stake. Our spirits are fired up and our goals and aspirations are well focused. Lately, we’ve been receiving loads of training as to how to be effective leaders and how to set goals, have plans, and follow through with those plans to have success and keep moving forward. Currently, as a mission, we have an average of 80-100 baptisms every month. The area presidency has now raised their expectations and within the next three years, we must raise the average to 200 per month. At times I feel like I’m working for a powerful corporation, but it’s awesome. There’s so many things the mission is teaching me.

This week was highlighted by tragedy. One of our recent converts, Adrian, had a crisis. The poor guy has been fighting so hard these past four years to correct his life. His wife had been his guide and inspiration, however over the past few months, the lady has began to destroy him with insults and threats, offering him every drug that has been his weakness, going against everything the church stands for, and to top it all off, she left him this week to hook up with one of her old army boyfriends. I hate Satan.

Thursday he took us to the radio. As we were driving, this big, tough, proud, tattooed city guy broke down in tears. She’s been destroying him and he told us everything. His testimony is so strong that he wants to follow the Lord through everything, but at this point, he’s straight up told us he doesn’t have any more desires to live. He’s got three kids and they’re the only thing keeping him alive and going. We got to the radio, I left him my scriptures and told him to find a quiet place to calm down and read Doctrine and Covenants 122, and we got out of the car and started to walk to the radio station. I walked maybe 15 meters and the Spirit wouldn’t let me go any further. I turned around and ran back to Adrian to find him falling apart and sobbing into his steering wheel. It was heartbreaking. As soon as I sat in the passenger seat and put my arm around his shoulder to console him, he buried his head into my shoulder crying “Elder, help me!”

Nothing is so devastating as seeing a grown man in utter devastation. I asked him if he knew any place we could go to be alone and in peace, him. My companion and I began driving but without direction, so I told him to take us to the chapel. We got there, and immediately the spirit told me to give him a blessing. I have never felt the power of the priesthood flow so strongly as it did in that blessing. I can’t remember the words I used, but I do know with absolute certainty that the Savior, as he suffered for us in Gethsemane, saw each and every one of us individually. He suffered for us individually. I know it.

The night went on, we calmed down Adrian, and he bore testimony to us of the parable of the shepherd who left the ninety and nine to go after the one. He couldn’t believe we left the radio, and hundreds of listeners, to help him, but he understood perfectly why. More importantly, he understood who it was that guided us to do so.

I am so grateful for the opportunity I have to be a representative of my Savior, Jesus Christ. There is no vice or pain he cannot help us overcome. Cocaine and heroin are destroyers of the senses, and ultimately, of many lives, here in Clorinda, but the Savior can help even those entangled in their grappling snare regain hope.

I am a representative of the Lord Jesus Christ.

I love Him.

He lives.

I will serve Him to the end.


Elder Steven Reid Walker

Doctrine and Covenants Section 122

The word of the Lord to Joseph Smith the Prophet, while he was a prisoner in the jail at Liberty, Missouri, March 1839 (see History of the Church, 3:300–301).

1–4, The ends of the earth will inquire after the name of Joseph Smith; 5–7, All his perils and travails will give him experience and be for his good; 8–9, The Son of Man has descended below them all.

 1 The ends of the earth shall inquire after thy aname, and fools shall have thee in bderision, and hell shall rage against thee;

 2 While the pure in heart, and the wise, and the noble, and the virtuous, shall seek acounsel, and authority, and blessings constantly from under thy hand.

 3 And thy apeople shall never be turned against thee by the testimony of traitors.

 4 And although their influence shall cast thee into trouble, and into bars and walls, thou shalt be had in ahonor; and but for a small bmoment and thy voice shall be more terrible in the midst of thine enemies than the fierce clion, because of thy righteousness; and thy God shall stand by thee forever and ever.

 5 If thou art called to pass through atribulation; if thou art in perils among false brethren; if thou art in bperils among robbers; if thou art in perils by land or by sea;

 6 If thou art aaccused with all manner of false accusations; if thine enemies fall upon thee; if they tear thee from the society of thy father and mother and brethren and sisters; and if with a drawn sword thine enemies tear thee from the bosom of thy wife, and of thine offspring, and thine elder son, although but six years of age, shall cling to thy garments, and shall say, My father, my father, why can’t you stay with us? O, my father, what are the men going to do with you? and if then he shall be thrust from thee by the sword, and thou be dragged to bprison, and thine enemies prowl around thee like cwolves for the blood of the lamb;

 7 And if thou shouldst be cast into the apit, or into the hands of murderers, and the sentence of death passed upon thee; if thou be cast into the bdeep; if the billowing surge conspire against thee; if fierce winds become thine enemy; if the heavens gather blackness, and all the elements combine to chedge up the way; and above all, if the very jaws of dhell shall gape open the mouth wide after thee, know thou, my son, that all these things shall give thee eexperience, and shall be for thy good.

 8 The aSon of Man hath bdescended below them all. Art thou greater than he?

 9 Therefore, ahold on thy way, and the priesthood shall bremain with thee; for their cbounds are set, they cannot pass. Thy ddays are known, and thy years shall not be numbered less; therefore, efear not what man can do, for God shall be with you forever and ever.


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One Response to Power

  1. Jill Coddington says:

    What an amazing job you did with this young man. You should be very proud of yourself. I am sure you made such a difference in this man’s life. You are really amazing Steven with your love and commitment for all you are doing. Hope that you have a wonderful week . We are all thankful for you and your hard work and efforts to aid the people who are under such great pressure and difficult lifestyle. Keep up the inspiring work. You are touching so many lives in such an amazing way. XO

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