I know that my Redeemer lives. His servants speak the words of truth and life. His love for us is real, our faith in Him must be stronger, and the blessings and promises He has given us and will give us will be fulfilled.

Elder D. Todd Christofferson truly is a special witness of Christ. The Spirit testified of it to me as I shook his hand and he looked me in the eyes, interviewing my worthiness in a glance. While a relatively casual event, I can now testify with a surety that these men are not like others. They are called and set apart as representatives of Christ and they have an authority that is not given of man.

Seriously, it was nothing incredible, but it was powerful. Elder Jay E. Jensen of the presidency of the 70 is also quite the man. He spoke to us about covenants and how we should let the covenants we make with the Lord govern our lives, not rules we read or our leaders give us. Elder Christofferson spoke more to us as equals. He told us that we are truly companions to the twelve in sharing the gospel. We go forth in their place as its just not possible for them to preach the gospel to the whole world alone. He opened us half an hour to questions, and finished by telling us that what he truly believes we lack, not just as missionaries but as people, is more faith in the Lord Jesus Christ. He encouraged us quite boldly to develop more faith in Him and use that faith. To finish, he blessed us that we might have more faith, that we might feel more love for others as our Savior loves them, and blessed us with angels to accompany us in all that we do. He bore testimony that Christ is at the head of this church. He knows it because he has seen it  in action. The way he said it in Spanish kind of sounded like he testified to us that he had seen the Savior. All in all, the handshake and the eye contact are what did it all for me. The spirit testified to me in that moment that he truly is the servant of God we sustain him to be.

Other than that, the week was really pretty bad. The adversary has been working incredibly hard to distract people from the truth and very few of our investigators are keeping their commitments, and those who are keeping their commitments have huge obstacles in their way. On top of it all, I’m still having difficulties with my companion, but I’m praying and fasting for the strength to overcome my trials, to love him more, to work better with him, and to be wary of pride. We will find success.

The zone is struggling lately and my leadership is being tested. It’s very difficult being a peer leader, especially when the work we’re doing is dependent on the commitment each Elder feels to our Father in Heaven. Whatever the case, like I said, we’ll find success.

I have received a few birthday cards and the office called me today saying a package has arrived. Hopefully you placed a low value, Mom, because if not, I won’t have very much money next month haha.

We have big goals for this week. We’re really trying to follow the counsel of our leaders to work more with the members. It’s a bit discouraging at times as its kind of harder to see the results in terms of numbers, but we’re learning and I just hope we learn fast.

I’m finally going to attach some pictures for you too! Other than that, let Luke know that a lot of times investigators invite us to their churches too. We’re allowed to go and encouraged to go, but they have to come to church with us first. The Spirit testifies of the rest.

Love you all, Thank you for your support and love.

Elder Steven Reid Walker

Don’t quite know what this face means!Remember they get to share the gospel via the radio once a week!He’s got a pillow! And I made that Laker’s pillowcase for him last Christmas! Yeah 🙂

A note from the momma:

I wanted to share a little about the apostle with whom Steven shook hands:

Elder D. Todd Christofferson was called to the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints on April 5, 2008. At the time of his call, he was serving in the Presidency of the Seventy.

During his tenure in the Presidency of the Seventy, Elder Christofferson had supervisory responsibility for the North America West, Northwest, and Southeast Areas of the Church. He also served as Executive Director of the Family and Church History Department. Earlier, he was president of the Mexico South Area of the Church, resident in Mexico City.

Prior to his call to serve as a full-time General Authority of the Church, Elder Christofferson was associate general counsel of NationsBank Corporation (now Bank of America) in Charlotte, North Carolina. Previously, he was senior vice president and general counsel for Commerce Union Bank of Tennessee in Nashville where he was also active in community affairs and interfaith organizations. From 1975 to 1980, Elder Christofferson practiced law in Washington, D.C., after serving as a law clerk to U.S. District Judge John J. Sirica (1972-74).

Born in Pleasant Grove, Utah, he graduated from high school in New Jersey, earned his bachelor’s degree from Brigham Young University, where he was an Edwin S. Hinckley Scholar, and his law degree from Duke University.

Among other callings, he has served the Church as a Regional Representative, stake president, and bishop. As a young man, he served as a missionary in Argentina.

Elder Christofferson and his wife, Katherine Jacob Christofferson, are parents of five children. (from


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One Response to Truth

  1. Jill Coddington says:

    Looks like you are continuing to do well , Steven , no matter whether you have good days or harder days. That is who you are. You are a focused and inspired young man spreading the word of your church through the love and commitment you have. I am always impressed. Loved seeing the pictures and happy to see you have a bed and a pillow to rest your head on at night. Thinking of you always. XOX Mrs. C

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