An apostle’s coming an apostle’s coming! The mission is going crazy and Satan is fighting us too much! And he’s doing it well… The mission is having a very tough time right now. Recent converts are falling away, new investigators are losing interest quicker, those with genuine interest and desires to follow the gospel have mountain ranges to climb before they can keep progressing, and the elders are losing focus. It’s a constant fight. I’m confident we will win in the end, but that doesn’t make it any easier.

My zone has a new nickname for me. I have become “Elder Recto” or “Elder Rectitud” (Elder Righteous). I know it’s a joke among them, but it inspires me to keep striving to be better nonetheless. If they recognize my desires and efforts to be obedient and righteous, hopefully they’ll be able to join with me in my attempts to combat the influences of the adversary. Laziness, Complacency, Listlessness to name a few.

Today we had interviews with President Heyman. Not even 5 minutes for each one. Those five minutes helped me anyways. President reminds me a ton of both myself and Dad. It makes it really easy to follow his council with that perspective. He’s a very direct individual who doesn’t wait for things to fall into place and fix themselves. When something’s not working, he makes changes right away. He doesn’t wait for things to fall apart to reconstruct.

The preparations for the visit of Elder Christofferson are hectic. I went to buy all the tickets for the zone to travel Friday and spent 560 pesos. Thank you tithe payers, 8 missionaries now get to receive instruction from one of twelve special witnesses of Christ. Booyah.

I celebrated my birthday with a baptismal rescue. Two girls were supposed to get baptized in one of my elder’s areas, and at the last minute, while waiting in the chapel for them to arrive for their interviews, they called us to inform us they wouldn’t be coming. Heck no. Satan’s not winning again. I busted out the billetera and sent my elders off with twenty pesos to catch a remis (taxi) and get to their place to solve the problem. I don’t remember exactly what their concern had been, but in the end, one of the two girls decided the 29th was the day of her baptism and the following morning, I did her interview and her dad, who got baptized two weeks ago and was ordained a priest one week ago, baptized her. Victory! Satan punch! Spiritual growth claims the W!

On top of that, in a few more days I’ll be a happier boy when I get my scripture case of Crocodile and Iguana skin and my wallet of Anaconda. All for about $50. I’m pumped. A member in my branch here does all this work with leather and he does stuff cheap for the missionaries. I’m down with it.

Things are getting better with my comp. I just have to take more control, give more directions, and show how things must be done, but we’re headed in a good direction. I want more pictures of salvation. More people dressed in white. More spirits touched and guided by the Holy Ghost. That’s why I’m here.

I have a ton of things to do now to organize the chapel, interviews for President Heyman with the District president over skype, install skype, find and buy cables to install the webcam, start divisions, learn better Spanish, and keep kicking Satan in his spiritual goodies.

Long live the Lord, Jesus Christ!

I love this work. The Lord is my strength.


Elder Steven Reid Walker


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A happy, healthy, and optimistic momma!
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One Response to OMG

  1. Jill Coddington says:

    It sounds like you are not going to take No for an answer, Steven. You are very focused and on task with all you are doing. I am sure that others will be inspired by your enthusiasm and spirit. Keep up the positive approach to all you are doing and you will accomplish more than you can every imagine. Always keeping you close in thought. XO

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