It’s hot.

It’s humid.

I’m in the hottest part of Argentina for summer. I couldn’t be more tickled 🙂

Haha but seriously. It’s getting really hot here, I’m about to wipe out my third parasite, and Wednesday brought us another very interesting transfer. Among all the confusion and all three elders who were supposed to be coming to my zone getting lost, they all made it. One traveling around the city in a taxi looking for us, the other showing up in the right bus at the wrong stop, and the last showing up to the pension about midnight looking dazed and confused, but here. Communication was lovely as none of the elders had notified the zone leaders in the other terminals, but hey, we’re all here and we’re all safe haha.

My new comp is named Elder Zapata. He’s a recent convert from Buenos Aires and is 25. He doesn’t talk very clear at all so it’s been hard for me to understand him lately, and on top of that, I feel that with his age, he doesn’t quite respect me as his senior companion, so we’ve got some work to do. I just keep being exactly obedient and trying to help him fulfill the missionary schedule and I sincerely hope we click soon. We teach well together so that’s good, but it’s always a different feel with a different comp.

On top of that, we have a lot of disobedience in the zone and it’s got me stressing out quite a bit. I can’t make decisions for other elders, and I can’t change who they are either. I just keep praying harder and harder.

The arrival of Elder Christofferson is growing closer and I’m stoked. We travel to Resistencia the 4th and stay the night there with other elders until the following morning when we have the conference. It’s going to be epic.

Thank you Mom for reminding me about my birthday haha I’d forgotten. Thank you for your letters as well. Jen, I got your letter too 🙂 Tell the boys thanks for me.

It’s hot. I haven’t stopped sweating for about 3 weeks. I love the mission. No matter how difficult it is.


Elder Steven Reid Walker


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One Response to HOT, Hot, HOT

  1. Jill Coddington says:

    Happy Birthday to you Steven. I do hope my card arrived. I had planned to mail it from Provo but could not find a convenient post office or box as we drove through so I got it mailed in Jackson Hole. I was thinking of you nonetheless. Hope your day is a great one and you find something fulfilling to do that day. It sounds like the heat is really bad there lately. Hope you can get into a bit of cooler weather soon. We have had rain and snow in our mountains all day long. I bet you miss that about Provo. I am sure you will have a successful time and continue to find many new experiences where you are now. I continue to keep you in my thoughts and prayers. Know that many people are sending birthday wishes your way . Much love XOXO Mrs. C

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