Ë Jeka Chika-í,

Living in Clorinda puts me right across the border from the capital of another country, another misión, and means it’s time for me to learn a third language, seeing as how there’s a ton of Paraguayos here who speak Spanish with difficulty. They speak another language called Guaraní. Piece by piece, I’m learning. Ë jeka chika-í, for example, means “I’m looking for a girlfriend.” That should come in handy as a missionary.

Yesterday we had another consejo para lideres de zona in Resistencia with Presidente Heyman. I love the guy. He’s so different than Pte. del Castillo, but he’s what the mission needs right now. It was an encouraging conference, highlighted with some legit information. The 5th of November, turns out Elder D. Todd Christofferson, along with Elder Jensen of the Presidency of the Seventy, Elder Foster of the Seventy, and Elder Avila of the Seventy, are coming to visit us. On top of that, as a zone leader, President has asked that we form a choir for the visit with all the zone leaders. I’m pumped. We’re in the process of preparing ourselves spiritually in order to be sufficiently prepared for such an opportunity.

I also heard from the zone leaders in my old areas that a few of the people I’ve found in Jardín America and Vera have been baptized in the past few weeks. So awesome. Even though I couldn’t be there to see the services, knowing that the Lord allowed me to play a small part in their conversion by finding them is humbling. I love this work.

Transfers are next Wednesday. It’s almost certain that my companion right now leaves. I hope the new Elder who replaces him is ready to work, there are souls that need saving here in this city of sin.

I’m also going to Paraguay today to renew the visa of my comp. It expired recently and it’s the closest and easiest way. We’ll see how that goes. I’m sick of Argentine officials trying to throw us off busses and whining about the states to us. I love Argentina 🙂

Not many new happenings, we had a baptism last Saturday. The lady has to go to Corrientes tomorrow to have surgery to remove a tumor in her uterus. We’re praying all goes well. She was supposed to get baptized this Saturday, the 15th, but her turn for the operation was given for this Thursday so we had to ask President for permission to do the baptism before the operation. Now she has the Spirit as her companion. We continue to pray for her.

I love you all, I thank you for your support, and thank you for your letters. I have received a few from home, mom, you da best.

Luke, I give you permission to email me too. Please. haha


Elder Walker


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One Response to Bendiciones

  1. Jill Coddington says:

    Your adventures contine , Steven. I always love to read about what is going on with your mission and the learning lessons and successes you are having. I thought of you a week ago when my husband and I were driving to Jackson Hole. We drove through Provo on the way up and the way home. BYU was playing ASU on our way home and the school was awash with lights, flags along the road and people in BYU tshirts and jerseys. BYU always draws a crowd. The mountains and weather were perfect as we drove through. My husband made a stop at Sportsmen’s Warehouse on both sides of the trip and I enjoyed a bit of Provo shopping. It is a great town and atmosphere. I know you must love it there. Keep up your great work and know you are being thought of each day. XO Mrs. C

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