Pasa Volando El Tiempo (Time’s Flying…)



Clorinda is a land of promise. Full of trials and frustrations, but miracles in their due time. Our week wasn’t anything phenomenol, but we keep on learning. We found out one of our investigators is having trouble with homosexuality. Poor kid only has 13 years and is caught in a terrifying whirlwind of mixed emotions. He’s told us he just wants to be normal, and as of late, is totally ready to be baptized, he just needs permission from his diehard Catholic mom. She hates us and thinks we’re American spies. Typical.

We’re working harder than ever before. We have a companionship goal to have 6 baptisms this transfer, and our goals got shot down pretty hard yesterday with a low asistencia. Satan is working extremely hard here. More than in any other part of the mission where I’ve been up to this point, and is throwing obstacles in the way of every investigator we have. Practically every obstacle is within the family. It makes things difficult, but not impossible.

It’s been incredible to see in the mission up to this point, and I have complete faith, that the testimony of an investigator can overcome anything. It’s incredibly difficult at times to help the people find their testimony, but absolutely every time I teach a lesson, I’ve seen the spirit touch these people. It’s something you can see in their eyes. You can see them sense the familiarity of the message. It’s incredible. It’s fuel to keep us going.

I seriously feel an intense love for the people here. It’s weird. I can’t stand the thought that there’s so many people still wandering in unbelief. I want to teach them all, but the spirit directs us to those that are truly receptive. It’s incredible. That’s been my refining process lately – learning how to tune in to the promptings of the spirit and follow them without hesitation. He’s never going to lead us astray.

Last night, we experienced a miracle. A lady who my comp has been teaching on and off for the past six months told us with a conviction so powerful last night that she knew the Book of Mormon was true and that she wants to be baptized, we were absolutely left speechless. Apparently, her husband was baptized in March and she’s been rejecting the church on and off over the past few months. A little while back, she discovered that she has a tumor in her uterus. As she’s been traveling between provinces seeking medical assistance, the only solace she’s been able to find has been in the Book of Mormon. Her testimony and firmness are honestly beyond impressive. Obviously, we extended the invitation to be baptized. She accepted it in a heart beat. Given that she doesn’t have to have her operation to remove the tumor before the 15th of October, Heavenly Father will be receiving a new daughter in a few short weeks time.

Parrots here don’t talk. They imitate crying babies. Perfectly.

I love my Saviour. I love this mission.

Wish I could write you all individually, I hope you can feel my love through this message.

Dearest love and admiration towards all,

Elder Steven R. Walker

Little email to his dad: Steven writes,

“Hot, humid, millions of mosquitoes, but a lovely day. It amazes me how normal life feels down here now. The quality of living and all. I can’t even imagine the states anymore. Even in my dreams, I’m a missionary, I always am with my companion, I’m always speaking Spanish, and I’m always in Argentina. Every now and then an American makes its way in the scene.”

I hope you enjoy these photos…he has quite an eye with the camera, and also a love for all things living and stunned…as you will see 🙂 Smiles, Marsi 


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One Response to Pasa Volando El Tiempo (Time’s Flying…)

  1. Jill Coddington says:

    I thoroughly enjoyed reading this letter and seeing the pictures. I know that your family is overwhelmed with love and joy when they see your face and read your words. I am so happy for you and so glad to hear that life is going well for you and your are having such success in your journey. Continue on with your good work and great attitude. You are obviously feeling great fulfillment in your mission work . That is obvious from your words and from your dream . I love the Tree of life picture. Such a poignant reminder of where you are and all you are doing.
    Much love , Mrs. C

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