Que tal, chés, (Hey, how’s it going)

The world keeps on spinning faster and faster. Being a Zone Leader is demanding, but fun. So for this transfer, I’ve only been able to work in my area three times, and only once for an entire day. We’ve been busy doing divisions to help the troubled companionships take a break from each other and learn some new tricks that we learned in consejo (council) last Monday with Presidente Heyman. It was a crazy week. Monday we had that conference, we then did divisions starting Wednesday in the afternoon, got back together Thursday night, went to Formosa capital Friday morning for an awesome zone conference con Elder Foster of the Seventy, brought back two extra elders with us to Clorinda so one could cross the border to Paraguay to go to the temple to take out his endowments, and Saturday, while he was over there, we were busy planning a baptism, English class, and branch activity. Thanks to rain, the English class and activity fell through, but we had the baptism! A nine year old chico named Alejandro got baptized and amidst all the business of the week, success was had.

I finally feel like I’m really beginning to lose myself in the work. I simply don’t have time to think about myself anymore. I’m constantly overwhelmed by all the needs of other people, and I honestly prefer it that way. It’s giving me a montón of experience and I’m really learning how to apply the gospel to the lives of individuals. It’s a huge push the president is making with us right now in the mission – To focus on teaching people according to their needs – to apply the gospel to the situaciones that they are in as opposed to being overly structured and confusing them or dissuading them from wanting to learn more. It’s really interesting. With the people so uneducated down here, dealing with anyone is like dealing like big, overemotional teenagers. Everyone goes off the “I’m bigger, stronger, better, more right than you” feelings and pride’s a huge issue. That said, if a missionary is to call someone out by saying their manner of belief is wrong, that’s going to backfire hardcore. Instead, we’re handling situaciones more like Ammon and Aaron did in the Book of Mormon in Alma 18 y 22 when they use the information and beliefs the kings already have and simply shaping it to fit into the mold of the true gospel. It’s kind of like rebuilding a car – you put the pieces that you already have in their right place, and when you’re missing a piece, you introduce a shiny new one.

Other than all that, I’m really trying to search for miracles. They are definitely possible, we just need to exercise the faith sufficient to see them. It’s more difficult than anything I’ve ever done, but I’m trying to build my faith, and thankfully, the Lord has given me a good companion to help me in my efforts. He’s a Ute fan and shoves it in my face relentlessly, but a hard worker full of faith. He just needs to refine his teaching techniques. I have the teaching techniques, I just need more faith to find miracles. Whether it be giving a beaten drunk a pass along card and an invite to church, clapping the last house on the street at nine o’clock at night, or simply staying animated, I have a testimony that the Lord will put people in our paths when we are doing all we can to be ready for those moments when they come. And not only ready, but willing to act on them as well. It’s a constant struggle to learn, but as Nefi of old, I know the Lord giveth us no commandment without providing us a way to fulfill it.

Elder Foster is awesome. My companion and I pulled him aside to ask for some advice after the conference and he was very genuine in helping us. I’m coming to realize that a large part of my mission is really to learn how to be a leader in the church – to learn how to run all the programs, to establish the church, to do things right, and that I right now, as zone leader, am entitled with the responsibility to more or less train the District President and branch president here how to direct the church. It’s a lot to learn and I don’t feel fully qualified, but I’m just trying to remember how the church was run back home, reading the stake president and bishop’s manual, and learning how to take care of all the administrative business. It’s a lot to take in. Even more to apply. We’re all learning here.

We’ve also heard from the AP’s that Elder Christofferson is coming down here in November. This was part of his mission when he served. It should be EPIC. Fingers crossed for that one.

Anyways, I don’t know what else I can share with you right now. I slept through a fire alarm last night. It’s okay though, my comp took care of it. Classic.

Love you all, I don’t have time to come home and make music videos, mom, there’s way too much I have to learn here still. I don’t think I have enough time left to do it all. Gotta use the time I’ve got. It’s slipping through my fingers way too fast.

I’m forgetting English.

Elder Steven Reid Walker

I’ll try to send fotos next time. I have a bunch, none of the computers have usb ports is the problem. I’ll do what I can.

Let us all fight the good fight. Do a good turn today. We’re all children of a Heavenly Father.

Mom, Dad, you’re the best. Loves.
Luke, you too.
McKay, you stink. I still love you though.
Marissa, I’m not actually your brother. Just a figment of your imagination. Don’t worry though, this imaginary figment loves you too.



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2 Responses to Loco

  1. Jill Coddington says:

    Keep up your great work Steven. You are making a difference I am sure. You are making more of a difference than I think you realize. Give yourself some credit . It is great to strive to be better and to learn more each and every day. You make all of us proud, Steven.
    Much love and continued success and challenges.
    XO Mrs. C

  2. sandra hochenedel says:

    sending greetings as always. Ms Sandra

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