Food Poisoning Killed Jesus

Unfortunately, I’m pretty sure my memory card with all my photos has a virus, and every time I try to open the photo album on the card, the computers I use just shut off. It looks like the photo adventures will be on hold for the time being while I’m in Vera, but we’ll see what I can do to get this little inconvenience taken care of.

Other than that, I’ll start by answering to the weekly interrogation. (I asked him these “questions,” certainly not interrogations!) 🙂 ~Marsi, Steven’s happy momma

1. 1-100%…how’s the language?

I’m gonna say for right now I’m probly sitting at an 80%. I can talk freely with people and get my message across well, but I’m still fighting for the accent and a larger vocabulary. We’ll get there. If anything, people can’t tell I’m American anymore. The most frequent guess I get is Spain, followed by France, Brazil, Germany, Colombia, one person thought I was from Buenos Aires, and the game goes on.

2. Are you using your Lakers’ pillowcase on your newly-purchased pillow?

But of course. My companion’s a Heat fan. I represent.

3. What books are you reading?

My Spanish scriptures. I’m really trying to focus on the needs of my investigators and less on the things I personally want to know. Jesus the Christ has been sitting in my book box sadly for the past three months. I gave it its first use in all that time yesterday. Other than that, Predicad mi Evangelio and that’s about it.

4. Give me a daily schedule there in your “new area”

Missionary schedule. Up at 6:30, showered by 7:30, Personal study at 8:00, Comp study at 9:00, language study at 10:00, we leave the pension at 11:00, take about an hour break for lunch before 2:00, and then are out working until about 9:30 at night.

5. How many people were in your church meeting Sunday?

Not many. Probably about 16 members and 2 investigators.

6. Will you take a picture of the computer cafe, your house, your walking paths, the stores your frequent, your daily routines…I LOVE the ones you’ve already sent…the one of you on the train station is my background!

I’m not a tourist. Manual Misional tells me I can’t take pictures that would make me look like one. Plus, the computers here don’t like my memory card.

7. Temperatures?

Warm. Sometimes cold. Lots of wind.

8. Birthday wishes?

More socks (the ones from the missionary mall are the best), Updated family photos, another long sleeve shirt would be nice, An iPod shuffle with all the church music you can find and fit – especially stuff by a group called The Lower Lights – they have stuff at Deseret Book (my other ipod is in the presidents house. Pte. Del Castillo sent out a rule that any ipod that can play video had to be turned into him, therefore I have been without music for about two months and it hurts me), American toothpaste, an American toothbrush, more ties, preferably old ones, Old spice stick deodorant, and any other little goodies you want to include. If you do send a package, be sure to mark its contents as of low value. That way the Argentine customs wont rip me off hardcore and leave me moneyless in the month the package comes.

9. Car, foot or bus?

Foot. I’m in a pueblito. Busses don’t exist here. Cars tampóco.

10. Free choice!

To summarize the week, it’s really been quite hilarious, spiritual, and awesome. Day by day I sincerely feel the Lord guiding me more and more, pushing me more, and giving more courage to do and seek his will. As I’ve followed the guidance he’s given me, we’ve been blessed with success. We’re planning on a baptism for the 10th of September for 82 year-old Lila, and we’ve found some other amazing people, as well as blessings of humor.

We were teaching one older gentleman from campo (out in the boonies, all the field workers work in the campo. Campo = farmland +/-) and we got to the point in the lesson where we were talking about the ministry of Christ. We knew he didn’t know that much about the life of Christ, he didn’t have any schooling at all, so we were teaching super simply. My companion was teaching this part of the lesson and asked the guy, Ramón, if he knew how Jesus died. In the most innocent and childlike manner possible, he responded “¿Porque comió algo que no debía comer?”…Because he ate something he shouldn’t have eaten? Hahaha my companion tried so hard not to laugh but the poor guy’s lips were just quivering at the unexpectedness of Ramón’s answer. He hid his face behind the folleto of lesson 1 we were using and I had to pick up the lesson from there. There is such a huge gap here between the humble and the proud. It’s so interesting being caught in the middle of it and working with all the different types of people.

As a side note, working with my Branch President here is a difficult task, but we’ve found ways to work with his character. He now believes I am a Karate master and that my karate instructor was the legendary Mr. Miagi. He has no idea who the guy is, but I told him he’s so famous he made a few movies and that I would try to get him a copy so he could learn as I did… hahaha

This work is incredible. Every day I’m thanking the Lord more and more for all he does to keep me going. He seriously is in charge of all we do here. It’s felt.

I love you all, write me letters, and someday I’ll get them and write back.


Elder Steven Reid Walker

ps. I have one peso left for the month 🙂 Good thing it’s almost over.


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One Response to Food Poisoning Killed Jesus

  1. Jill Coddington says:

    Your adventures continue!! I loved the fact that the man thinks Mr. Miagi was your karate teacher. That makes for an interesting story for sure. Hope this week finds lots of success and satisfaction for you and your teachings. I know you well enough to know you are giving it 150%. You continue to reach out and touch the lives of many Steven. Thinking of you always.
    XO Mrs. C

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