A Rough Stone Rolling

We can’t wait for Mondays…it is the day we typically hear from our missionary. But again, Argentina had a holiday on Monday, August 22nd, so Steven had to “work!” His P-Day (once-a-week “Preparation Day”) was moved to Tuesday, thus the delay in receiving his letter. But it’s always worth the wait. I love to hear his spirits high and his outlook positive. I especially like the last paragraph this week….ahhhh, it’s all worth it!  And guess what? He got a pillow! Enjoy this week’s Adventures in Argentina! ~Marsi 🙂

As the prophet Joseph said, I am a rough stone rolling. I truly have a lot of work to do in my attempts to become more Christlike. Thankfully, I have a lifetime, and thankfully, Christ set the perfect example.

Vera remains Vera. Difficult as it is, it is a chosen soil and the Lord is preparing his children here to receive His gospel. No matter what age they may have.

Currently, we are helping prepare two very different ladies for baptism. One is named Delia, she’s 43, and an insanely strong willed person. Things are her way. No questions asked. The other lady is Lila, an absolutely adorable 82 year-old great-grandmother whose only true desire is to follow Christ. The two of them are anxiously preparing for their baptisms, but it’s such an interesting experience working with them.

Delia wants to get baptized, but she wants to do it on her time. For now, she’s set her baptismal date for the 10th of October. As missionaries, we want people to get baptized as soon as they realize the importance of the covenant so that they can receive the Holy Ghost and have His help as they progress through life learning more about the gospel along the way. Nonetheless, she wants the 10th, and even a direct answer to her prayers encouraging her to change the date to the 3rd of September wont change her mind.

Lila is straight up awesome. She loves us and loves our visits, but more importantly, she loves what she’s learning. Her excitement about the restored gospel is truly childlike, and her only fear about her baptismal date for the 10th of September is that of the water being cold. Easily fixed.

It is such a blessing to be able to work among our Heavenly Father’s children. Day after day, it becomes more and more apparent how childlike we really all are. We’re all kids inside, we just have these grown up bodies and get ourselves into trouble easier.

Whatever the case, we all continue learning. I find myself corrected daily by the little things. A comment from an investigator, the example of my companion’s diligence, the powerful words of the scriptures… The Lord is watching out for us and tenderly caring for us. I love him.

I’m so glad to hear you’re all finishing the summer off well. I can’t wait for spring to hit. I’m sick of this humid cold. But I did finally get a pillow! It’s nothing impressive, but it’s a little added comfort to help me sleep at night.

May the Lord bless you all in your endeavors. Mom and Dad, you’re the best. Thank you for raising me with such love and guidance. The Lord is undoubtedly proud of your skills in parenting and following his council.

Hasta la próxima,

Elder Steven Reid Walker


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One Response to A Rough Stone Rolling

  1. Jill Coddington says:

    Hurrah, you got a pillow. I am not kidding when I tell you I told my Mom and Dad about you today as we were driving and I said, ” He does not even have a pillow” And lo and behold I read your post and you got a pillow!! Such a small thing but I bet it makes a world of difference. I am anxious to tell Mom and Dad you can now sleep in comfort ( kind of anyway!!! Lila sounds like a very special lady. I have been back in CA with my Mom and Dad. Had to make an emergency trip back after just leaving. Not easy to get a flight out of Durango on fast notice. They both went into the hospital at the same time. At 93 and 94 I made it back as fast as possible. Thankfully both are doing better and after spending 10 days here I head back to Colorado on Friday. Stay safe and sound Steven . I know you are doing an amazing job serving on your mission. Your parents and all of us are so proud of you each and every day.
    Much love and enjoy that pillow no matter how small it is!!!
    XOXOX Mrs. C

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