Vera (and More!)

Hello Adventure Seekers! Forgive the delay in Elder Walker’s Adventures…between not receiving a letter on August 1st to Beach Camping, to needing a vacation from our vacation, it’s been quite a few weeks around here! I hope you enjoy this read and continue to seek for truth in all that you do. Thank you for following and may the Lord continue to bless you in your life! ~Smiles, Marsi, one proud momma 🙂

August 1, 2011

Sorry, no letter this week. I wrote a long one with stories and adventures, like almost going to Cordoba, hitchhiking back to my area with a trucker, and getting bumped up to senior comp, but my computer shut down before I could send it and didn’t save a draft. I guess this story will have to wait for later. Love you all.

August 8, 2011

Ch ch ch changes. Transferred again. Third area in four transfers. This never happens, but it’s happening to me and I’m just going along with it, working and learning as we go. I’m beginning to believe I will be one of the so called “pueblito elders”, or rather one of the elders who spend their entire missions in little cities where the church is very, very weak. Jardín América was weak at first, but we were blessed to be able to reanimate the members and now they’re going strong. My old companion, Elder Meeks, is still there, and the lucky kid has been blessed to train this transfer. Hopefully, they keep the area sane.

Where I am now is a town about the same size as Jardín, but a bit more civilized. It feels super Argentine, we have an old abandoned train station in the middle of the city, nothing impressive, but it’s here, it’s super flat, super gray, but the old buildings are pretty impressive. Getting here was a trip. It was another journey of multiple days without sleep, and it ended with me taking a bus about an hour and a half past where I was supposed to get off, leaving the mission boundaries, and hitchhiking back with a trucker. At this point, events such as these feel all to normal haha. The truck ride back lasted about two hours, the driver was a 21 year old kid named Cristian. Funny guy. We talked gospel, he asked me how I liked the Argentine clubs and women, I explained him my purpose here, and he offered me cigarettes. It was a hilarious conversation and the guy enjoyed it so much, he let me off without paying him. The guardian angels that night were strong.

Anyway, the church here is tiny. We have one family that comes to church every week, but only for sacrament. One other family comes every now and then, our President does his own thing and really doesn’t listen to the district president, so me and my companion, as his counselors, really are in charge of the church here. Everyone’s still learning, we keep working.

This area is really weak, but we see potential. We think that’s why the both of us are here. My companion, Elder Pereira, has one transfer less than me. We were actually in the MTC together. He’s from Santequin, Utah, and his Dad’s from El Salvador, Mom’s from Puerto Rico, so he grew up speaking Spanish.

To answer the questions, I just keep cooking empanadas, beans and rice. We don’t have lunch citas here. We don’t know why I got bumped up to senior comp, but we think it might be that President just wanted some newbie fire and faith to get the work up and running again.

The mission is flying by way to fast.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY LUKE. Freak, bro I can’t believe you already have 17 years. The gap between 20 and 17 seems a lot smaller than the gap between 16 and 19. Keep your head up, work hard, and get into BYU!

Love you all,

Elder Steven Reid Walker

PS. The one graffiti says “United States, with your blood, you will pay – Al Qaeda” …how cute 🙂


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2 Responses to Vera (and More!)

  1. Jill Coddington says:

    I do have to say that at least from this letter you did not have any encounters with scary animals or life threatening situations !!! or maybe I did not read too well between the lines. Life seems to be a constant adventure there. I still think you need to keep a journal and put this all in a book someday. I am sure it would be helpful for others to come and such a great read in the future for your family. With your writing skills, I am sure it would be a best seller!! I would buy it for sure. Glad life is continuing well for you, Steven. You are a hero in my eyes will all you are dealing with and I am sure you are making memories that will last a lifetime. Some scarier than others. Keep up your great work and constant faith. You are an inspiration to all of us each day. I know your ears must be ringing because I talk about you all the time.
    Much love, Mrs. C

  2. I was in this area about a year ago and it’s GREAT to see all of these pictures….

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