Nothing Like a Little T-Pain

Por la belleza terrenal, les escribo

The blessings we are receiving here in Jardín América for the moment appear to be endless. The Lord is with us and the work is moving forward beautifully. Nevermind the fact that following this week we could be back to ground zero, needing new investigators and will have to start from scratch, we were blessed with yet another baptism this Saturday and are looking forward to even more this Saturday that is fast approaching.

This Saturday, we had a beautiful baptism of an awesome Señorita, Luisa. About two transfers ago, she stopped us in the street and told us she had found a blue book in her house and thought it was from us, or at least from our church. Correct. She then asked if we could pass by her house or if she had to come to the church first. We wanted to get her in church that first week, but we did tell her we could come to her house. From there, all the pieces just fell into place. She had dream after dream confirming her decision to continue studying with us, which is strange (dreams as answers are a very infrequent occurrence), but this girl was so full of nervous excitement it was amazing. She’s spent the past however many years bouncing from church to church looking for the truth, and at last she knows she’s found it.

What’s more, we had an asistencia of 50 people this Sunday. That’s the most I’ve ever seen in church here since I’ve been in Jardín. Our branch president is such a humble and loving man, his heart is truly devoted to the Lord’s service and he does absolutely everything he can to help with the work of the Lord. Being as humble as he is, and not having any schooling, he feels a bit out of place and obviously nervous speaking in front of people, even more so in front of people who have been members much longer than he, but this Sunday he showed me an incredible example of acting in faith. This man stood up after all the speakers, and following impressions of the Spirit, proceeded to pound the pulpit by calling the rama to action, by calling them to pay their tithing, by calling them to clean the chapel, and above all, by calling them to live up to the covenants they have made to the Lord. His closing line hit me the hardest as he said, “I may not be the smartest man, I am not a man of much study, but I do believe I am obedient and learned in the ways of the Lord. I encourage you all to be the same.” The rama here has suffered greatly from gossip and offense. Many once faithful members have fallen away. There is a lot of pride in the hearts of the people. We are truly in the last days and the Lord truly is separating the wheat from the tares. Even the most humble and unlearned man can stand up and take action, can do his part.

We truly need to focus on who we are truly serving. Are we serving ourselves? Or are we serving the Lord? I daily recognize many faults in my life, but nevertheless, I am striving to overcome them through faithful service to my fellow brethren, and by doing so, faithfully serving the Lord. It is not easy, I’m a lazy person, but the mission is really helping me learn to follow spiritual promptings, no matter how difficult or scary they seem to be.

Transfers are this Wednesday and I dearly hope I can stay here. My companion and I aren’t a perfect match, but the Lord can help us overcome our errors and differences to keep having the success He’s blessing us with at the moment. On top of that, our next baptism, an awesome guy named Sergio, has asked me to baptize him this Saturday. I have to stay. We’ll see what the Lord has planned.

As for the T-Pain reference, my branch president’s kids like to play English music while we eat lunch with them. This week it was T-Pain. Oh the class, I love it.

This church is true. Our Savior lives, and I love him. I pray you all receive the answers you are searching to your prayers.


Elder Steven Reid Walker

PS. I like letters 🙂

Steven says, “She’s kinda gotta thing for my comp… hahaha!”


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One Response to Nothing Like a Little T-Pain

  1. Jill Coddington says:

    It sounds like you had a great week Steven. I am glad you stayed away from the shady characters you have met recently!!! Keep up your wonderful work and know that you are making a difference in many lives where you are. ” Life is not measured by the breaths we take but by the moments that take our breath away” and I know you are having many moments that take your breath away from you with the wonder and joy of your faith.
    Much love to you XO

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