And the World Spins Madly On…






Yet another week has passed. More rain has fallen, more experiences been had, and a little more has been learned.


Day after day, Jardín América presents us with more blessings, more opportunities to serve, grow, help, and learn. More importantly, those whom we are blessed to serve are recognizably the elect of God and he has graciously placed them in our path at this specific moment. As we take a few moments each day to step back and consider the blessings we have been given, the Lord’s hand in His work becomes all the more noticeable, and the work moves on smoothly at His pace. I have been striving to focus less on my shortcomings and more on the people I am here to serve. Recognizing my perfectionist tendencies has been difficult, even more so recognizing how selfish I have been in doing so, but with more diligent study and prayer, the Lord is helping us help His children here.


This week was rather routine. Lots of walking, lots of teaching, lots of happiness. Luckily, we avoided the Colombian drug lord, but we did run into his handman a few times. I’m still not sure if he was sober or not is those encounters, as he kept asking us to forgive us, but trying to hit us in between “sorries”, but what can you do. Maybe one day we’ll introduce him to the Word of Wisdom, should we get the chance.


Saturday was more eventful than those past, for this week we were blessed with two baptisms. Cristian Toledo, an awesome 17 year-old who we’ve been teaching for about three months, and his aunt, Sara Aquino, who’s been investigating the church for 6 years, and finally set everything straight in her life to qualify for baptism. Cristian was a special one, as I’ve essentially known him since he began investigating the church. The changes he’s made in his life, the faith and desires he has to follow the Savior, and the friends he’s made in the church have led this young man to take the ultimate step of faith. He asked me to baptize him as well. It was an incredible experience, the water was freezing, but the kid came out of the water with a huge smile on his face and he kept saying, “Now I’m a member!” The Lord is truly mindful of each and every one of us, and it’s humbling to witness it. Should all go well, we’ll have another baptism this coming Saturday for another young lady who has prepared herself exceptionally well. I’ll mention more about her next week.


Oh. As a zone, we had 8 baptisms this past Saturday. In one day, we passed the month’s goal of 7. We’re currently petitioning to President to let us go to Iguaçu falls as a reward 🙂 We’ll see how that turns out.


Stay strong in the faith. The Lord is with you.




Elder Steven Reid Walker











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One Response to And the World Spins Madly On…

  1. Jill Coddington says:

    Congratulations on your successful week. I am sure you are full of happiness over the baptisms this week. What wonderful pictures of you . You look great despite all of your adventures and trials. It is fantastic to hear about the 17 year old who is filled with love of your church and now so thankful to be a member. I am sure this fills your heart with gladness. Keep doing such inspiring work, Steven. I continue to be filled with pride and joy when I read how faithful you are. Much love and prayers for your safety. Stay away from the drug lord and his cohorts!!! XOXOX

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