What a Wonderful World

Steven wrote this on Monday, July 11th, while we were camping and boating at Lake Mohave. Needless to say, it was another adventurous letter. Boy, that kid is having near-death experiences on a weekly basis now! I just keep praying, praying, praying, like Dory keeps swimming, swimming, swimming in “Finding Nemo!” He’s going to be fine, I know, and besides, the Lord is taking good care of him so I needn’t worry. His guardian angels are getting a lot of exercise! I hope this letter finds you all enjoying your summer in this hemisphere, or for those reading in other parts of the world, make the most of the season of your life… Smiles, Marsi 🙂

What a wonderful world.

But terrible keyboard.

Here I sit, spending the day in Posadas, Misiones with my companion in his old area. He’s been dying to get back here and visit his converts since he got back to Misiones 5 weeks ago, so here we are. He started his mission here and he’s absolutely thrilled to be back. Personally, I was looking forward to a tranquilo day in Jardín, seeing as I’ve picked up some raging sickness, but you all know me. I can’t stand sitting still when there’s work to be done. While today isn’t a work day, I know a happy, reanimated companion will be nice to have and the work will progress more from here on.

I continue to beat myself up over my imperfections. I can’t help it. The natural man is so strong, I feel like my laziness overtakes me more times than I can combat it. I continue growing, striving to focus more on what’s important, less on myself, and overall trying to stop worrying. I’m too young to worry like I do. But hey, don’t worry about me, I’m fine. I’m on the Lord’s errand and nothing will stop his work from progressing.

To answer your questions, mother, my biggest hero right now is undoubtedly Jesus Christ. I want to have a stronger and more tangible testimony of his love, so I’m working on that. I remember something from my mission prep class that my professor taught us. He said that when the time comes that we can’t feel the spirit as long as we think we should, one of two things has happened. Either we’ve messed up and scared him away, or the Lord has seen us climb to one level to feel the spirit, now he’s raised the bar and we need to climb some more. I think I’m caught in between the two.

What surprises me about Argentina? It only takes twelve hours to drive from where I am right now (Posadas) to Buenos Aires.

Best food I ate this past week was grilled chicken. I think. I really don’t think about food anymore. It goes in when I’m hungry. That’s about all the thought I give it.

Did I buy a jacket. No. I didn’t even think about it. I am, however, doing what I can to keep warm enough.

Still no pillow. Maybe I’ll fix that today.

I was on divisions this week out of my area, so all my experiences with investigators have been a little off. I had one crazy experience with another guy in my area that I’ll share in a moment.

I love the new President. He interviewed me in English and it was honestly really difficult. My brain has kind of put a mental hold on English for the past however many months, and to have to use it in an interview type setting kind of threw me off. Turns out though that Presidente Heyman lived in El Cajon back in the 80’s. He told me that they lived right off Mollison and were in the El Cajon 3rd ward. He’s a great guy and I really look forward to working with him.

As for the crazy happenings of this past week, I met a man Friday, I believe, who I really wish I hadn’t met. We were running across Jardín to a cita when we heard someone screaming at us in English. We look to our right as a guy comes stumbling up his stairs to the road we were walking on and tells us to come in and sit down. It seemed innocent enough at first. I wasn’t entirely comfortable with it, I saw a bottle by his chair and thought it might be alcohol, but all the bottles here, alcohol or not, are the same, so I followed my comp as he went and sat down. The guy kept telling us to take a seat.

Come to find out, the guy’s got a crazy story. He started rambling back and forth between English and Spanish, really commanding us to give him answers, telling us about other elders that had come by before, and all sorts of other crazy business. Turns out this guy is a Colombian crack dealer who lived illegally in the states for who knows how many years all up and down both coasts, killed a cop in New York (when he told me that I’m pretty sure he saw the fire in my eyes, I couldn’t help it), and spent nine years in a Long Island penitentiary before he was deported, found himself a wife in Mexico, and “changed his life”. Yeah right.

There was no spirit in that charla at all. I just wanted to get up and leave. I finally did. As we got up, he started screaming, telling us he was the boss of the area, told us everyone around calls us (really bad words that preceeds) Yankees. He then called to some of his friends behind the house, told them we wanted to fight, and a bunch of guys with hammers and machetes came out and began to chase after us. Needless to say, we ran. I don’t think I’m ever going back to that street again. What a world we live in.

In happier notices, we’re safe and we have two baptisms this coming Saturday. I’m really excited for the both of them. I’ll be sure to get more pictures of the week that follows this.

This church is true. There is no doubt in my mind about that. Regardless the circumstances or trials we have to face, the Lord is mindful of us and our faithfulness. I love him. I serve him. And I strive each day to become more like him.

I love you all.


Elder Steven Reid Walker


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One Response to What a Wonderful World

  1. Jill Coddington says:

    I am telling you , Steven, you need to keep a journal and put all of your adventures in a book when you get home. GOODNESS !!!! This adventure is awfully scary. Isn’t it amazing the crazy people that are out there? Unfortunately, you are meeting too many crazies lately!! Stay away from that street and that man for sure. I do know you are being watched over and with your faith and commitment you will be protected from harm. You continue to amaze and inspire me. You are a very strong young man , Steven. Your faith is mighty and getting you through the tough times. Never doubt yourself and the difference you are making in so many lives. Stay safe. XOXO Mrs. C

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