This boy of mine should be a photographer, don’t you think? Wow…what an eye! I’m happy to share his latest Adventures in Argentina! Let’s pray he stays safe between the near-misses by vans and the crazed Argentines you’ll soon read about! If you’d like to drop him a line, here’s the address: walker.steven@myldsmail.net Happy month of July to all. Love and blessings to each one of you who shares this journey with us…


To all you in the land of Promise,

God bless the beautiful land of the bold and free, our lady liberty, and my family. America is a wonderful place. I could care less what my lovely ignorant Argentine friends say about it. May you all enjoy the blessings given to you by the most high God as you live in the land of fruit and honey.

Unfortunately, I have no extremely exciting news to share this week. It was rather normal, we had to make an emergency trip to Posadas, where I stayed with some other elders while my comp went to Resistencia to take care of his visa papers, but other than that, nothing overly exciting. Friday we received our new mission president, Presidente Heyman, and I’ll have the pleasure of meeting him this Thursday. I look forward to his guidance and instruction.

I continue to learn and grow as I struggle to develop my faith, teaching, and speaking abilities. In reading a talk by President Uchtdorf the other day titled “Of things that matter most,” I realized I truly need to focus on my understanding of the fundamentals before I can truly share them with anyone else. In the talk, he uses an example of how Vince Lombardi, every year at the beginning of the practice season, would talk to his players – he’d show them a football, give them it’s size and dimensions, tell them how it was used and explain the rules of the game. He’d then proceed to walk them around the field, doing the same thing. He knew that even the most experienced players could benefit their play from learning and understanding the fundamentals.

The same applies to us, to me, in terms of the gospel. Because I’ve grown up in the gospel, at times some things just are the way they are because they are the way they are. I want this to change. I’m working on studying the very basic principles of the gospel right now, and upon doing so, applying what I learn, going to my Father in Heaven in fervent prayer, and doing what I can to build a testimony of these fundamentals. I thank my Father in Heaven for loving us so much that he has given us prophets and apostles to guide us in these, the latter days.

We were chased out of a house this week by a guy trying to beat us with a cross and calling us Satan and Jews after he showed us his five foot statue of the Virgin Mary. He asked us if we talked about God. We said yes. He showed us Mary and said here, this is God. We said sorry sir, but I’m afraid she’s not. He didn’t take very kindly to that, we exited in a rapid manner, followed kindly for nearly 500 meters by said gentleman informing us of who we really were. Oh Argentina…

I plan to continue onward with a firmness in Christ. We had five investigators in Church yesterday, and I challenged 3 more people to baptism last night. All accepted a date for the 30th. The work continues and I try to keep my spirits up. I realize I’m a perfectionist, and  therefore if I don’t find myself getting in houses, talking with people, or baptizing every week, I criticize myself for my lack of effort. There is always more I could be doing, I just need to recognize the Lord has His time and I just need to trust in Him and be patient. On top of that, all the members who bore their testimonies yesterday all told about how they denied and hid from the missionaries X number of times before they finally listened and were baptized… hahaha what can you do.

The work goes on in Jardín América, the cold is getting colder, and I am loving life.

I love you all as well.

Que sigan bién,

Elder Steven Reid Walker


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2 Responses to ‘Merca

  1. Jill Coddington says:

    I am telling you Steven, you need to write a book when your mission is over. You could title it
    ” The Adventures Of Elder Walker” or maybe ” You won’t beleive what I have seen” or maybe the title is a work in progress! All I know is each time I read your updates I am amazed and impressed at the same time. Being chased down the street, living with an Iguana, almost being hit by a bus, no pillow and on and on and on. I am so happy that your faith is so strong and you are looking at all of your adventures as a test of your faith and a testament to what you believe in. Your life is changing everyday and you are making memories that will last forever. I wait each week to read your new adventures. They are even better than my soap operas , Steven !! Please stay safe and know that you are always in my thoughts and prayers. Keep your strength and commitment as powerful as it continues to be. Much love XOX Mrs. C

  2. sandra hochenedel says:

    you are grounded but you can fly. i find this to be tres cool. you and your toucans. Signed, a bird lover.
    Ms Sandra

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