ah-eh-ah-eh-ah-eh-ah-oh- -oh-oh-eh


Greetings bioforms,

I was under the impression I had been sent to a warm mission. Currently, it’s -3º C. I believe I was misinformed. Apparently we hit below freezing temperatures even here. The rain this week has been even stronger and colder. It only likes to hit when I don’t have my umbrella. Welcome winter. It throws me off like you wouldn’t believe to hear about you all having your summer fun. I think you’re lying. It’s in the negatives down here. I demand justice. I’ll get back to you in six months when I’m whining about the heat.

So yeah. Getting a picture of a toucan is nigh impossible. They only kick it in the tops of the trees and my camera doesn’t zoom in well enough to grab an image, but if you want to look them up, the one’s I’ve seen here have green beaks with some blue and red on them…or something like that. My eyes don’t work that well in the cold, but I think thats what they look like haha.

I made a few friends this week. Or rather, I ran into a number of “could-have-been-embarrassing-experiences-but-I’m-on-the-mission-so-they’re-not” type friends. The first was rather interesting. We were in the middle of a lesson with a reference of one of the girls in our branch. We had been warned about the references alcoholic mother, but lets be real, the progression of the work is inexpressibly more important than worrying about a drunk grandma. At least that was my thinking. Midway through the Joseph Smith story, we hear some screaming inside the house and the drunk mom comes storming out of the house right in between me, my comp, and the couple we were teaching. She turns to me, grabs my face, strokes my cheek, and with all the passion in her drunk and pathetic slur, she calls me “Mi corazón”. Haha The couple we were teaching noticeably were hit by such waves of embarrassment that the girl dropped her head as her husband tried to wrestle the mom away from me. I just sat calm and tranquilo in my chair, trying not to laugh at the absurdity of the situation as to try to maintain what we could of the spirit that was left in the lesson. Unfortunately, the drunk lady whose heart I am, couldn’t be contained, so we had to leave quickly and set a time to come back when the mom wouldn’t be there to flirt with me again.

Also, as we were out searching for investigators to bring to church yesterday, a van intentionally swerved to hit us. It got bloody close, I’m not going to lie. He swerved around the corner as we were just getting ready to cross and threw the wheel just enough that I fell into the back window of the van as I held myself back from taking another step forward. This is a crazy place. I love it to death.

Aside from that, my pinkie toe on my left foot decided it doesn’t want to be part of me anymore and it’s slowly falling off. I don’t know if it got dry and cracked or what, but I keep thinking of “The other side of Heaven” when he gets his feet torn up by rats and has to sit in the sun to heal them. Maybe the rats in my house have an interest in my smaller appendages. For now, I still claim it as my own.

I still have no pillow haha. I have no money. I ran out of money last month traveling back and forth to Posadas for meetings really quickly (its 40 pesos every time), so I’ve been using the last of the little bit you gave me to feed us, seeing as my comp right now is completely broke after traveling for transfers también.

Whatever the situations we are faced with, this church is true. I know it. All the craziness is worth it. Yesterday the ridiculous elections finally ended and at the end of the day I learned I could have voted as a foreigner had I gone to the municipalidad, but I guess I’ll do that in October and vote for the Argentine President.

To explain the title of this piece, yesterday in a lesson, a house next door started playing Jungle boy or Tarzan boy – some 80’s song with a name like that. It’s been stuck in my head all day.

Like I said. This church is true. We’re going to work harder this week than we ever have to this point, and the church is going to grow here in Garden ´Merca.

Mom, I always want hard letters. What a silly question. Dad, looking thin. Luke, do work. I’m thinking I’m going to go into the BYU Airforce ROTC también for Med school. I want to be a doctor again. McKay, make money, get to DC. It’s awesome out there. Marissa, I love you, I love the church, if you ever have any questions about it’s truth, pray and your Heavenly father will answer you. I love you all.


Elder Steven Reid Walker


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One Response to ah-eh-ah-eh-ah-eh-ah-oh- -oh-oh-eh

  1. Jill Coddington says:

    Were your ears ringing? I was talking about you tonight and your adventures to Elder Simpson and Elder Fullmer. They came to help again with care packages. They are such nice young men and they are getting to know all about you. They are both not too far from home as they are both from Utah. Life seems to be a lot easier for them here than for you in Argentina. Although I tell them how inspirational and devoted you are. They love hearing about what you are doing. Losing your little toe? YIKES!! Hope that you get some help for that, a new pillow , and hopefully some healthy food. I continue to keep you in my thoughts and prayers, Steven. Each day is a new adventure for sure. Keep up your great attitude, your love for your faith is wonderful. I know you are touching so many lives. Love to hear your plans for the future and your loving words to your family. Much love XOX Mrs. C

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