Wouldn’t it be Nice?

It’s June 22nd, 22 weeks since Steven set foot in the MTC in Provo, Utah. (Only about 82 to go, but who’s counting?) He is obviously loving every minute of his “Adventures in Argentina.” I too hope you enjoy reading about his journey and growth, and feel his love and joy in sharing the gospel of Jesus Christ. I know it is true. ~Marsi, one proud and grateful momma~xoxo

The raindrops keep falling on my head. Over and over again. they. keep. falling. We’ve been caught in the middle of some crazy rainstorms this week. As luck would have it, the heaviest rain we’ve had fell today on our awkwardly set Pday. Yesterday was Dia de la Bandera and anytime a Pday falls on a holiday, we get to work. Currently, the door to the cyber we’re sitting in is open and the toucans are going crazy outside absolutely loving this rain. The streets have all become red rivers and the rain falls so hard on our tin roof it wakes us up in the night, but I love it. I love nature. I’m sure you’re all already aware.

Seriously though. I love it. Almost too much. I went and stood outside my pensión like three times in the tempest just to see the toucans in the trees and in the sky nearby.

In sad news, my missionary father, Elder Schneider went home this weekend. His time had come to an end. He sent me an email describing how lost he feels at home, how he woke up Sunday morning, went straight to his cereal and scriptures, and didn’t know what else to do. Needless to say, I really can’t imagine what life at home would be like anymore. It honestly kind of scares me to think about it. So I don’t…haha I keep myself entirely focused on the work, occasionally letting a tranquilo song from home enter the back of my mind to calm the ever present stress, worrying about the well-being of my investigators, and living the mission life. I love it all. No doubt it’s difficult, but it’s worth every challenge.

Transfers happened last Wednesday and for the time being I’m staying in Jardín América. My little bundle of joy from the great white north headed off to Formosa – in the exact same area in which I started. He’s a blessed soul to be there. I sent him off with many names and mandates to pass along my regards. Especially to my converts over there. I miss it. But yeah, my new companion is Elder Meeks – a 23 year old army brat who was born in Germany, lived in too many states, but left on his mission from Utah. He seems like a good guy. He speaks the most gringo Spanish ever, but the people like his excitement so I have high hopes for this transfer. Our rama (congregation) is super weak and needs all the help and support it can get. My comp before was no fan of visiting the members, but it’s absolutely crucial to having success in the mission and helping the work progress.

On a side note, I’ve found over the past few weeks just how much I love the Book of Mormon and giving it out. I want everyone to have a copy. The lovely little piece of God inspired literature has a promise at the beginning that’s incredible – it promises everyone a guaranteed answer – all that’s required to receive it is the genuine willingness to follow the answer once received. Anyways, my comps are coming to learn that about me. Everyone I meet gets a Book of Mormon. Ever if the recipient doesn’t read it, someone else that comes across it later will. We have a quote in our house that goes along the lines of “The amount of success you have fishing can only be measured by the amount of time you have your pole in the water.” My pole is a book. It’s blue and it’s true.

Tuesday last week we also had the baptism of Mario Cuaglia. It was really a special event. Elder Kruger and I both had to be in the font to do the ordinance as Mario himself, being confined to his wheelchair or bed, doesn’t have the strength to stand. The water was cold as I first stepped in, but as soon as we got that man in the water with us, all cold left my body. Truly a marvelous spiritual experience. To see the actions of one’s faith is incredible.

I love you all, stay strong, tear it up at Mohave, I still can’t understand how it’s summer there with it starting to get strangely cold here, but enjoy the heat!


Elder Steven Reid Walker


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One Response to Wouldn’t it be Nice?

  1. Jill Coddington says:

    Hi Steven,

    You look like life in Argentina is agreeing with you. So happy and fulfilled. I know you love what you are doing. I especially loved the part where you said you stepped outside in the rain and watched the toucans. I can only imagine how different that is to stepping outside and seeing the parrots in El Cajon !!
    Your dedication and love of your mission is always inspiring to me.
    Keep up the amazing work. XO Mrs. C
    Saw Mr. Davis and Mrs. Greiner, Mrs. Brown, Mrs. Lord,Mrs. M .Thacher and Mr. Marinesi the other day at breakfast. All are doing well. They said to send you their love.

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