On and On and On and On

Such is the mission. It never stops. Its always deluxe grade A excitement, and always challenging. This week has proved to be no different than any other that I’ve had so far, but still, you feel the rush every day.

Aside from killing off a ton of our investigators who really just weren’t progressing and essentially wasting our time, we put a lot of time into contacting this week. We know the most effective way to find investigators that will progress in the gospel is to work with the members, so we’ve been dedicating a few hours a day to working with the members to get references, but in the rest of our time, we’ve fallen back to the good old method of tracting. Now, we don’t go door to door, but we do feel inspired to go to specific areas at specific times in the day, and from there we clap the houses where we find families. While doing this, we ran across a very firm, very wealthy, Jewish man. We had to really work to get into the guy’s house, but with a little effort, we got in. Unfortunately, the opportunity to share the gospel was overridden by the man’s desire to instruct us on the correct manner of going about United States politics, health care, geothermal energy in Yellowstone, and all other manner of time wasting things. Apparently his mother taught biochemistry at Harvard and this man has on many occasions visited the states and been thoroughly displeased. To each his own. As far as I’m concerned, the flag of the United States is the flag of the almighty God…

Other than a few contacts gone interesting, we have a baptism tomorrow of a sweet man named Mario Cuaglia. He’s confined to his bed and on rare occasion his wheelchair after having a surgery that corrected his spine and removed some of his intestines following a work accident. The man has such incredible desires to follow Christ it’s inspirational. He’s known the Book of Mormon to be true from the first time we left it with him and now his time has finally come to take this first step towards salvation. We have to have four people help us baptize him tomorrow, seeing as he can’t stand, to help him in the water and in getting in and out of the font. Whatever the case, it will be a good experience. Pictures to come next week. We also have transfers this Wednesday, so it looks like my time with the Canadian bundle of joy has come to an end. Sorry this letter is short, it was honestly just another week on the mission and I love it. And I still don’t have a pillow. I love the mission.


Elder Steven Reid Walker

Steven made this corsage for his companion…his brother’s getting married soon!



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