This boy of mine cracks me up! While he is there to spread the gospel, he is also fully engaged in nature’s creations and his environment. I know he is loving not only the people, but also the amazing land and creatures–the flora and fauna–known only to us as “Argentina…” Someday maybe we’ll all get to see such sites, and experience such adventures…Smiles, Marsi 🙂

Steven’s Letter, Dated June 6, 2011

Greetings fellow lifeforms,

Another week gone by too fast in the loco land of Argentina. Highlights of the week:

– Hermana Teadora

– News that someone I found in Formosa got baptized

– Official machete-wielding service

– Slow but steady Spanish progression

– Hermana Luisa

– I’m tired

– Toucans

To start off, two weeks or so back, my comp and I were kinda wandering around really just at a loss for ideas of ways to contact, where to go, etc. Anyways, as we were walking, I got hit by the spirit mid-stride and felt the urge to clap a door somewhat hidden at the end of a longish patio closed in by a big gate. The house was still in construction, but I felt the need to clap, so I did. Out of the house came a short and stout middle-aged woman, who for a minute looked pretty confused, but midway through telling her who we were and what we did, she just called at us to come in and talk with her. We then proceeded to have a decently long conversation with the lady where we learned her husband had passed away just a few days before and she was totally just torn apart inside. Naturally, we proceeded to share the Plan of Salvation, leave her with a Book of Mormon, and continue on, fully knowing we had been guided there.

To sum the events up of the past two weeks, over the past few visits we’ve had with her, we’ve come to learn that she had been considering suicide the entire day before we had passed by, and right as I clapped she had been thinking on it strongly – like about to take action. She fell asleep that night reading the Book of Mormon, she’s accepted a baptismal date, came to church yesterday, and she’s all bubbly and pumped about the church. Hahaha and she’s totally ticked at all her ”saints who never listened.” Progress is being made there.

In other baptismal news, my first solid contact, Ramon, got baptized last week :] Elder Schneider emailed me this morning and told me that he goes to church in a shirt and tie now with a backpack to carry all his books. I’m so stoked for the guy. He’s so cool and will totally be a strength to that branch.

I wielded a machete, climbed across the most sketch tin roof ever, as in totally rusted out and I almost fell through it, cut down a tree, and yes. Lovely Argentine maintenance.

Hermana Luisa is a girl who just stopped us in the street and told us she had found a blue book (The Book of Mormon) in her house from us and that she wants to learn more. We passed by once and have plans to go back and keep her going.

I’m tired.

On top of everything, I have officially seen wild toucans in my area. This place is incredible. Even if I can’t talk to everyone, it’s incredible.

I also have four pet cocoons, two caterpillars, and I’m expecting butterflies shortly.

Love you all.


Elder Steven Reid Walker

Stay strong, my family, thank you for all your prayers and love. I’m sorry I can’t respond to all your notices, but I love hearing them.

PS – you can dearelder me still. The church has a pouch mail system to Argentina. FREE LETTERS. How cool is that? Peace

(      Just choose the Argentina, Resistencia Mission and letters will be mailed FREE to him!)


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One Response to Life

  1. Jill Coddington says:

    Hi Steven,
    Sounds like your adventures continue. I love that you are making such an impact on the people there. The story about you meeting the lady whose husband had just died was quite amazing. I do beleive that there are no coincidences and you were definitely sent to that house for a reason. Thank goodness. I also love hearing that you are seeing toucans in the wild. What incredible experiences you are having. When you were on the roof did you find your ” pet”? I am wondering what it is that is sharing your space. I will wait for details later. Stay as strong as you are Steven. You are an inspiration to all who know you. Thinking of you. XO Mrs. C

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