And the World Spins Madly On

I have successfully completed transfer one of the mission. It’s gone by way too fast, but I’m loving it. With all said and done, we baptized four beautiful children of God on four of the six weekends of the transfer and Formosa, Argentina is now a brighter place. There is much work still to be done and we’re all the more excited for it. Transfers happen this Wednesday, so we’ll see then if I’m staying here (which is most likely) or not. My comp is on his last transfer so he’ll die here. I honestly never want to be where he is right now – the mixed emotions are tearing at him a little more every day. There’s part of him that wants to go home, but a greater part wants to stay. Personally, I love you all, but I never want to come home. There’s too much work to be done, too many people to find, too many souls that haven’t yet had the grand opportunity to learn of the love their father in Heaven has for them.

In other news, God Bless America. Osama is gone. The US is the Lord’s chosen land. We have a fun saying among our zone that apparently is something a member of the Seventy said at a BYU devotional. The First Presidency later made him take it back, simply to maintain peace, but nevertheless, it stands true. It reads as follows:

”As far as I’m concerned, the flag of the United States is the flag of the almighty God.”

YES. Gotta love it.

This past week was absolutely crazy. One of our investigators, Carmen, has known the church for three years, but had never been until three weeks ago. Last week, we baptized her son Brian and she came solo her second week of church. It was incredible. People here are lazier than anything – they never go to church without someone to come and get them, be it a friend or a missionary, but she came. By this point we’re thrilled. We were finally able to catch her and teach her a little more, and over the course of like three days, she finally read and prayed about the Book of Mormon. It freaked us out when she texted us and told us that she had her answer and that she knew it was true. After a few more stressful days of making sure she really did want to get baptized, that she hadn’t done anything that would keep her from being able to get baptized, and all manner of other stresses, we called President to get the go ahead to baptize her (it’s a mission rule that an investigator has to go to church three times before they get baptized–she had only been twice). When all was said and done, Carmen took the step of faith and was baptized, took upon herself the name of Christ, and covenanted to follow him. Watching someone’s conversion is truly awe inspiring.

For now, the work must continue. I love you all, stay strong, trust in the Lord, and God bless America.


Elder Steven Reid Walker


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1 Response to And the World Spins Madly On

  1. Jill Coddington says:

    Sounds like you are having the time of your life Steven. Keep up the great work and know you have many who are keeping you in their thoughts and prayers. You look great and life is obviously agreeing with you there. You continue to inspire me with your devotion and love. Onward and upward, Steven. XOXO Mrs. C

    PS We had snow two days ago, but thank goodness it is gone and the sun is shining. They are certainly correct when they say the weather can change in 5 minutes in the Rockies!!! It is gorgeous here though !!

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